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A partnership to assist ALL Georgia students with educational and career planning.

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1 A partnership to assist ALL Georgia students with educational and career planning

2 Expand Your Opportunities with GAcollege411the primary tool for education and career planning!

3 Strategic Goal 1 To increase the graduation rate, decrease the drop- out rate Strategy: To develop an effective comprehensive advisement system focusing on postsecondary options and career planning. Initiative: GAcollege411 (currently writing a proposal to include TAA as an additional initiative)


5 The Perfect STORM Perkins IV Legislation New Graduation Rule BRIDGE Bill Legislation

6 Incorporate and align secondary and postsecondary education Include academic & CTE content in a coordinated, non-duplicative progression of courses Lead to an industry-recognized credential or diploma at the postsecondary level, or an associate or baccalaureate degree May include the opportunity for secondary students to acquire postsecondary credits Perkins Programs of Study = Peach State Pathways = Curriculum National Legislation/Perkins IV/National Trend

7 Resources, materials, and tools: New Graduation Rule at


9 BRIDGE BILL- 20-2-327 (a) and (b) effective 5/20/10 (a) Student performance at the advanced proficiency/honors level on any assessments required for purposes of high school graduation (GHSGT) shall be recognized as: (1) Meeting postsecondary entrance test requirements (placement), and (2) Qualifying students to enroll in credit-bearing postsecondary course work in accordance with policies and requirements established by the State Board of Education, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and the State Board of Technical and Adult Education. (b) Secondary and postsecondary credit shall be awarded immediately upon successful completion of any articulated or dual enrollment course in accordance with policies and requirements established by the State Board of Education, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, and the State Board of Technical and Adult Education.

10 (c) Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, students in the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades shall be provided counseling, advisement, career awareness, career interest inventories, and information to assist them in evaluating their academic skills and career interests. Before the end of the second semester of the eighth grade, students shall develop an individual graduation plan in consultation with their parents, guardians, or individuals appointed by the parents or guardians to serve as their designee. High school students shall be provided guidance, advisement, and counseling annually that will enable them to successfully complete their individual graduation plans, preparing them for a seamless transition to postsecondary study, further training, or employment. An individual graduation plan shall: (1) Include rigorous academic core subjects and focused course work in mathematics and science or in humanities, fine arts, and foreign language or sequenced career pathway course work; (2) Incorporate provisions of a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP), where applicable; (3) Align educational and broad career goals and a student's course of study;

11 (4) Be based on the student's selected academic and career focus area as approved by the student's parent or guardian; (5) Include experience based, career oriented learning experiences which may include, but not be limited to, internships, apprenticeships, mentoring, co-op education, and service learning; (6) Include opportunities for postsecondary studies through articulation, dual enrollment, and joint enrollment; (7) Be flexible to allow change in the course of study but be sufficiently structured to meet graduation requirements and qualify the student for admission to postsecondary education; and (8) Be approved by the student and the student's parent or guardian with guidance from the student's school counselor or teacher adviser. An individual graduation plan shall be reviewed annually, and revised, if appropriate, upon approval by the student and the student's parent or guardian with guidance from the student's school counselor or teacher adviser. An individual graduation plan may be changed at any time throughout a student's high school career upon approval

12 BRIDGE Bill 20-2-327 (c) (c) Beginning 2010-2011 To address middle school (grades 6 th, 7 th, 8 th ) counseling, advisement, career awareness, career interest inventories and educational and career planning information Implemented Voluntary Strategies –Counselor supported TAA Program to address educational and career planning including career interest inventories, exploration and planning via GAcollege411 –Middle school transitional counseling/advisement videos regarding educational and career planning to enhance the SREB/GO Alliance project (part of the College Access Challenge Grant-Round 1) Develop or Developing Strategies –Language Arts CAP STONE PROJECT to address the development of an individual graduation plan based on career-related assessments and educational and career exploration presented by the student to family/middle and high school counselor/or middle and high school advisors prior to the end of the second semester (February) –Create an electronic format for evaluation (stand alone or GAcollege411)

13 To address high school annual guidance, advisement and counseling to complete the individual graduation plan and transition to postsecondary study, further training or employment. Implemented Voluntary Strategies –Counselor supported TAA Program to address annual academic advisement and guidance delivered by the advisor with referrals to the counselor when needed or appropriate Develop or Developing Strategies –Create a more effective, efficient, formalized and systematic electronic process whereby LEAs are held accountable for the completion of annual guidance/advisement.

14 Individual Graduation Plan (aka Program of Study (Perkins); aka Plan of Study (GAcollege411) Implemented Voluntary Strategies –GaDOE has created secondary Programs of Study aligning career goals and 9-12 coursework; these Programs of Study/Plans of Study are located on GAcollege411 and include: academic and CTE coursework aligned with Georgias Peach State Pathways –CTAE has a systematic Career-Related Program (work-based learning) for students enrolled in CTAE pathways Develop or Developing Strategies –Continue work with academic disciplines and postsecondary institutions to create rigorous programs of study to include both academic and career and technical courses, both secondary and postsecondary elements; and, leads to some type of credentialing including a baccalaureate degree. –Continue work with special needs division to incorporate Individual Education Program (IEP) provisions where applicable –Work to expand a more formalized experience-based program for ALL students –Work to create Programs of Study in Math/Science, the Arts,and Foreign Language –Continue to work with postsecondary institutions to include dual enrollment opportunities

15 Georgias 11 Program Concentrations Represent a grouping of occupations according to common knowledge and skills for the purpose of organizing educational programs and curricula

16 Agriculture Architecture, Construction, Communications & Transportation Arts & HumanitiesBusiness & Computer ScienceCulinary ArtsEducationEngineering & TechnologyFamily & Consumer SciencesHealthcare ScienceGovernment & Public SafetyMarketing, Sales & Services

17 Career Pathway Is a coherent, articulated sequence of rigorous academic and career/technical courses, usually beginning in the 9 th grade and leading to a diploma, associate degree, baccalaureate degree and beyond.

18 Healthcare Science CONCENTRATION Nursing PATHWAY/Curriculum Emergency Services PATHWAY/Curriculum Medical Services PATHWAY/Curriculum Health Informatics PATHWAY/Curriculum Biotechnical Research & Development PATHWAY/Curriculum Diagnostic Services PATHWAY/Curriculum Physical Medicine PATHWAY/Curriculum Personal Care Services-Cosmetology PATHWAY/Curriculum

19 Therapeutic Services Nursing 25.52100 Introduction to Health Science 25.52200 Application to Therapeutic Services 25.56100 Nursing Essentials


21 Who Am I? CAREER PLANNING Interest Profiler (grades 7) Career Cluster Survey (grades 6) Basic Skills Survey (grades 9-12) Transferable Skills Checklist (grades 9-12) Work Values Sorter (grades 8) The Career Key (grades 9-12) ASVAB (10 th and above) PSAT (9-12 in some systems)

22 Where Am I Going? CAREER PLANNING Explore Careers by title, tools, or browse by Georgias Program Concentrations or Peach State Pathways Career Centers in middle and high schools Work-Based Learning Program (WBL) TAA/Counselor Advisement Program


24 GaDOE education and career planning tools, materials and resources added by the end of March

25 Tools and materials… Guidebook for Educators (HANDOUT) 14-16 TAA activities for each grade 6-12 to focus on college and career planning (HANDOUTS) 5 Narrated Power Points Keep Going Selecting Your Peach State Pathway College Credit Now Paying for Postsecondary Education Financial Aid for Juniors 4 Videos (update) Making the Georgia Connection Keep On Going College Credit Now Financial Aid Kathy Cox PROVIDED FOR YOU: 18 Ring Cards for counselors, CTAE Supervisors and GaDOE staff (EXAMPLE) School Posters on Georgias 11 Program Concentrations (EXAMPLE) for every middle and high school




29 Video Component Making Your Georgia Connection Keep On Going Financial Aid for Success College Credits in High School Feature young, talents to bring each video to students, parents, educators, legislators, community Two to six interviews included to add substance to storyline; includes as many areas of GA as possible

30 Making Your Georgia Connection What do Turner Field and Gulfstream Aerospace have in common? The question you should be asking is What will I do when I graduate from high school? Three other questions to ask yourself Who am I? Where am I going? How am I going to get there? Answering these will put you on the correct pathway

31 Turner Field Whenever the Braves play at Turner Field theres are teams of people who make the game possible before the players even take the field. Gulfstream Every time a business jet is sold, teams of workers made it possible. Interior Designers to create the fine interior look, engineers to equip each jet, computer specialists to make systems communicate, culinary chefs, business managers, accountants, computer scientists, marketing and sales, financial leaders, and public safety specialists are needed.

32 Keep On Going Look at fastest growing careers in Georgia Young people who continued their education and found great success Discuss career opportunities in energy construction, science and engineering Talk to people at Plant Vogtle, two young mechanics making >$50,000, and JROTC students that received $250,000 scholarships to college of their choice Video shows importance of education in career planning

33 College Credits in High School Well explain what college credits are and how you can earn them in high school. Well give you the lowdown on the benefits of college credits. Well explain the impact college credits can have on your education and how they can help your career pathway. Well talk to two educators who will explain the opportunities that college credits offer.

34 Financial Aid for Success All about getting financial aid to pay for post-secondary training, either at a technical college or a university. Explain how to track down scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study funding to help pay for your schooling. Hear from a representative at one of 27 Technical College System of Georgia colleges about the financial aid process for technical colleges Hear from a representative at Macon State College about the financial aid process to attend one of the 35 4-year colleges and universities in Georgia.

35 Questions? Thank you. Vivian Snyder John Pritchett

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