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Evaluation. Encore Magazine Front Cover Encore Magazine Contents Page.

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1 Evaluation

2 Encore Magazine Front Cover

3 Encore Magazine Contents Page

4 Encore Magazine Double Page Spread

5 My magazine follows a lot of conventions this is because I thought that it would be most effective if I used as many conventions as possible to ensure that my magazine was recognised by my demographic as a music magazine. For instance I attempted to maintain a consistent colour scheme throughout the magazine, because the front cover image was black & white I thought that it would be sensible to have all the pictures of the artist this way because it had a constant theme throughout. However it goes against some of these as it has a meagre amount of sell lines in order to be able to show the full image of the artist. Forms & Conventions

6 Representational Issues I think my magazine appeals to the rock genre. The pose that the model is doing on the front cover has an edgy feel to it and it seems unconventional to pose in this manner for a picture as a result it may appeal to fans of the rock genre as it is representing their rebellious attitudes. Also the fact that the images of the artist are in black & white throughout the magazine represents the rock genre as it seems as if we are not abiding to the conventions of magazines with full colour pictures but we are instead making our own rules paving our own way.

7 Institutions > What kind of institution might distribute your magazine and why? > What kind of institution might distribute your magazine and why? I think that all newsagents, publication retailers such as WHSmith, Newsagents, big grocery stores, book shops and other stores that sell magazines will distribute ENCORE, because my magazine is a general music magazine it will appeal to many music aficionados as a result there will be a high demand for the magazine so it will be beneficial to the distributor as well as the magazine. Furthermore, in light of recent times some popular magazines are now being distributed via the internet for free as E-Mags or by providing access to them online subject to a subscription. Even The Times a reputable newspaper has revealed plans to charge consumers for their online service. However, as a result of this the target audience is restricted to only conesiuers and supporters of the genre as only those who like the style of music will be willing to subscribe to the service. Also I think it would be interesting if they would be distributed at popular locations where my demographic congregate around such as music events, record stores and possibly clothing stores. Other magazines have already opted for this method of distribution such as RWD magazine given out at Footlocker so I may decide to follow suit in the hopes that it will further attract potential consumers. The reason I mentioned these places is because I think that they are not out of reach for my target audience (Teens) so it would be a good look for accessibility.

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