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Election Preparedness

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1 Election Preparedness
NC State Board of Elections SEIMS Helpdesk Team

2 Election Preparation Election Setup Ballot Styles Election Notices
SOSA/OVRD Preparation and Installation VoterView Pre-Election Tasks

3 Election Setup

4 Election Setup Enter all contests for the upcoming municipal elections
Copy all winning candidates from Primary/Second Primary Elections into the General Election At the close of the filing period, double-check to make sure all candidates have been entered into Election Setup

5 Election Setup (cont.) Make sure all contests have been ordered correctly Make sure all candidates have been ordered correctly Verify Contest/Candidate ordering is correct, print the contest/candidate reports to verify

6 Ballot Styles

7 Ballot Styles Make sure you have completed all geocode changes
Assign ballot styles in SEIMS Ballot Style Module Verify Ballot Styles and VBTs are formatted correctly Enable ballot styles in SEIMS Ballot Style Module

8 FAQ’s For Ballot Styles

9 Election Notices Prepare Notice of Election advertisement
Prepare Absentee Board Meeting Dates advertisement (this is for change of time or additional meetings) Prepare Schedule of Absentee Meetings notice

10 SOSA/OVRD Preparation

11 SOSA/OVRD Preparation
First and Foremost, download the SOSA/OVRD Administrator Manual at the link below: Prepare laptops for SOSA/OVRD in preparation for the new election (removing all SQL Server files from Add/Remove Programs and previous version of SOSA/OVRD, if necessary) Prepare OVRD Plan (Backup laptop, etc.)

12 FAQ’s Remember to add your Site information under Site Manager…so that it will populate the web page times. Remember to validate all your machines in CONNECTED mode.

13 SOSA Installation Run New Election Setup Wizard to Prepare office computers and laptops for SOSA Install SOSA on desktop machines using the connectedonly.bat file Copy 1,2,3 files to a CLEAN flash drive (Minimum of 2GB) and install on all applicable One-Stop voting laptops.

14 VoterView Preparation

15 Pre-Election Tasks General Tasks Absentee Voting Tasks
Poll Worker Tasks Polling Place Tasks

16 Any Questions? Have a safe trip back to your CBEs!  This presentation is available on the SBE ERC site: Please bookmark the following SEIMS helpfile homepage: If you have any questions you can always contact the SEIMS helpdesk at anytime: Enter a Clarity incident

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