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The History of Communism

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1 The History of Communism
By Abby, Ed, And Tom

2 Definition of Communism
Communism: An economic system in which a capital is owned by a private government. Can be a form of government, economic system. Contrasts with capitalism.

3 Where is communism now? East part of the world China (1949)
Cuba (1959) Korea (1948) Vietnam (1976) Democratic Republic (1975) Before... Now...

4 How Did Communism Start?
Karl Mark and Friedrich Engels 19th Century First Gov’t Established in Russia under Vladimir Lenin October of 1917

5 Communist Leaders Karl Marx - Father of Communism
Friedrich Engels - Friend of Karl Marx Vladimir Ilich Lenin - Russia Mao Zedong - CP of China Joseph Stalin - Soviet Union

6 Most Popular Fights Against Communism
War of Vietnam Fought Vietcong Guerilla to stop succession of Communism The Cold War America tried to suppress the Soviet Union to stop their rein of Communist Terror with no direct military contact. Also known as the “proxy wars”.

7 Opposing Views on Communism
Pro Some think it’s the world greatest hope. Everyone is treated fairly on the same class in a Communist Government. Free health care and education. Anti Some think it’s the greatest threat to world peace. People become greedy and take more that is needed. Emperors tend to get power hungry.

8 The Communist Symbols The communist symbol is also referred to as the hammer and the sickle. The hammer stands for the industrial working class. The sickle represents the agricultural workers.

9 Communism Killings

10 Pictures of Communism

11 The End

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