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Dissection Terminology & Safety

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1 Dissection Terminology & Safety

2 Tools Dissecting pan Scalpel (blade) Pins Forceps Probe Teasing needle

3 Scalpel- used to make incisions
Pins- used to hold an area open or pinned back Scissors- used to cut through tissue.

4 Pan- holds specimen Forceps- to grasp at structures Probe-to search for structures Teasing Needle- for gently scraping tissue.

5 Terms

6 DORSAL- “back” VENTRAL- “belly”

7 SUPERIOR- “above” INFERIOR- “below”

8 ANTERIOR- “front” POSTERIOR- “rear” sometimes called caudal.

9 -relative location: PROXIMAL-”near” DISTAL-”far”

10 SUPERFICIAL- “near surface”
DEEP- “below the surface”

11 Planes of Symmetry TRANSVERSE- bisects top & bottom halves.
SAGITTAL- bisects left & right sides. LATERAL- “side” MEDIAN- “middle”


13 PELVIC- “hip region” PECTORAL- “chest region”

14 Safety Why should you be careful with scalpels, scissors & pins?
Why should you wear gloves & goggles? Why should long hair be tied back? Why should you avoid wearing open-toe shoes? Why is there no food or drink allowed in a lab? Why is focus & appropriate behavior important in a dissection laboratory?

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