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1 Project Management Framework Revision of the SEEA.

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1 1 Project Management Framework Revision of the SEEA

2 2 Project Management Framework Issues for reviewIssues for review Governance of the projectGovernance of the project UNCEEAUNCEEA BureauBureau Advisory GroupAdvisory Group Project ManagerProject Manager EditorEditor London Group and other GroupsLondon Group and other Groups Decision-making processDecision-making process TimelineTimeline FinancingFinancing

3 Governance

4 Project Manager Tasks of the PM include: Review and confirm the overall work plan, prepare schedules for intermediate outputs and activities, track progress and take appropriate action as needed Prepare and monitor cash and in-kind Project budget (fund raising being the task of the Bureau under delegated authority from the UNCEEA); Assign or negotiate tasks to the city and other technical expert groups Reporting and communicating

5 Editor Tasks and responsibilities of the editor include: Drafting recommendations for change Preparing draft text of the revised SEEA Reporting to the Programme Manager, who, in turn, reports to the Bureau of the UNCEEA Providing oversight of the overall internal consistency of the revised SEEA and of the consistency with other macroeconomic standards

6 Decision-making process UNCEEA assisted by the Bureau is responsible for managing and coordinating the revision process of the SEEA UNCEEA takes decisions on the scope of the revision and on technical and conceptual issues Issues are deliberated first by the city groups Recommendations from the city groups are considered for final recommendations and then circulated to countries and regional commissions Consolidated recommendations will be submitted to the UN Statistical Commission for adoption

7 Deliverables Volume 1 – International statistical standard Volume 2 – Covering topics for which consensus could not be reached but are highly policy relevant Volume 3 – Applications (covering both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 topics)

8 Timetable 2007-2009 Discussion of issues Fundraising Appointment of editor and PM (1/12009) Recommendations of city groups are circulated to the UNCEEA and then upon its approval to countries (Vol.1) Drafting text for chapters Vol.1

9 Timetable (2) 2010-2011 Revision of recommendations on the basis of comments from consultation (Vol. 1 and part of Vol.3) Submission of consolidated recommendation (Vol.1 and part of Vol.3) to UNSC (2011) 2012 Submission of Vol.1 and part of Vol.3 to UNSC for adoption

10 Timetable Vol. 2 2010 – 2011 UNCEEA reviews recommendations from city groups Consultation with countries 2012 Consolidated recommendations are submitted to the UNSC for adoption 2013 Adoption by the UNSC

11 Financing Resource requirement in cash to fund salaries and travel of Editor and PM is estimated to $900,000

12 Questions to the UNCEEA 1. 1.Do you agree with the criteria for including issues in the research agenda? [Section B] 2. 2.Do you agree with the governance of the Project including the tasks and responsibilities of the Bureau, the Project Manager and the Editor? [Section C] 3. 3.Do you agree with the decision-making process for the revision of the SEEA? [Section D] 4. 4.Do you agree with the time schedule and proposed budget of the work programme? [Section E] 5. 5.Do you agree with the Terms of Reference of the Project Manager and the Editor [Annexes I and II to the paper]

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