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Environmental Science

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1 Environmental Science
Chapter 9 Lecture Notes The Human Population

2 Chapter 9 Targets 1. I can define demography and describe the 2 general categories of population growth they study. 2. I can describe how the size and growth rate of the human population has changed in the last 200 years. 3. I can make predictions about population trends based on age structure. 4. I can describe how survivorship, fertility, migration, death rate and life expectancy affect populations. 5. I can describe the four stages of the demographic transition. 6. I can name the 2 main factors affecting birth rates.

3 Studying Human Populations
Demography Countries with similar population trends grouped into 2 categories: Developed and Developing countries T1

4 The Human Population Over Time

5 Age Structure T3

6 Survivorship T4

7 Fertility Rates T4

8 Migration T4

9 T4 Declining Death Rates

10 Life Expectancy T4

11 The Demographic Transition

12 Stages of the Transition

13 Women and Fertility T6

14 Chapter 9 Targets 7. I can describe three problems caused by rapid human population growth. 8. I can compare population growth problems in more-developed countries and less developed countries. 9. I can analyze strategies countries may use to reduce their population growth. 10. I can describe worldwide population projections into the next century.

15 Problems of Rapid Growth

16 A Demographically Diverse World

17 Managing Development and Population Growth

18 Managing Development and Population Growth

19 Managing Development and Population

20 Projections to 2050 T10

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