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Unit 7: Islam.

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1 Unit 7: Islam

2 Section 1: Geography

3 Arabian Peninsula Middle East
Crossroads of three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe

4 Deserts Peninsula mostly desert Occupied by nomads (Bedouin)

5 Bedouins Nomadic tribes (clans) Ideals became part of Islamic culture
Occupations herders farmers


7 Farming Agriculture developed around oases & river valleys
Settled areas became market towns West coast towns market centers for long distance trade

8 Trade routes Trade with Byzantine (North) & Persian (East) empires
Caravan routes – connected silk road to byzantine empire & Arabia



11 Color in water and Label: Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Black Sea, Arabian Sea
Label Cities: Mecca, Medina, Baghdad, Cordoba, Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem Label Greece, Anatolia Peninsula, Spain, Arabian Peninsula Color in empire (all one color)

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