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Governments of the World

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1 Governments of the World
***Note that for some countries more than one definition applies (i.e. communism or fascism and totalitarianism).

2 Ruled by All Citizens Ruled by One democracy autocracy
3 Categories of Government (all government types fit into one of these three categories) Ruled by All Citizens Ruled by One democracy autocracy Ruled by small group oligarchy

3 Autocracy A country ruled by a single person
(king, queen, emperor, czar, or dictator)

4 Autocratic governments include: Communism
A government that plans and controls all economic and political decisions. The government owns all businesses and farms and provides its people with - healthcare - education - welfare

5 Totalitarianism A country whose government tries to control all aspects of its citizens lives.

6 Dictatorship A country ruled by one person.
Most dictators claim to be leaders of democracies.

7 Fascism A country with a strong military that has a powerful dictator in charge of the government.

8 Monarchy/ Constitutional Monarchy
A country ruled by a king or queen. Power is usually inherited. Constitutional Monarchy: The monarchy shares governmental power with elected legislature or serves as ceremonial leader of government. When the king or queen must follow the written law or constitution of their own country.

9 Democracy A country ruled by the people.

10 Democracy (aka Indirect or Representative Democracy)
When citizens elect others to make laws on their behalf. The people elect representatives and give them the power to govern. Representatives of the people are responsible for carrying out the will of people. **This is what most modern countries have today.

11 Republic A representative democracy in which the people’s elected representatives, not the people themselves, vote on legislation (i.e. Senate and House of Representatives). A republic is a form of government in which the country is considered a "public matter" (Latin: res publica), not the private concern or property of the rulers, and where offices of state are subsequently directly or indirectly elected or appointed (rather than inherited).

12 Oligarchy A country ruled by a few people.
They rule by their own interest, especially the accumulation of wealth and privilege. - Economic interest - Religious tradition - Familiar rule

13 Anarchy A situation where there is no government. This can happen after a Civil War in a country when a government has been destroyed and/or fighting to take its place.

14 So…what’s YOUR government type?
If you got mostly A’s – democracy If you got mostly B’s – dictatorship If you got mostly C’s – anarchy If you got mostly D’s – oligarchy

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