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Tammy Martin, ITT Quia Web Training. Click on Explorer or the Firebox browser icon on your desktop. Type in: Click on.

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1 Tammy Martin, ITT Quia Web Training





6 Click on Explorer or the Firebox browser icon on your desktop. Type in: Click on Try It Today

7 August 25, 2005 Go to Quia and sign up for a free 30-day trial. Only register one timeyou can create all of your class webpages from this one registration.

8 Directions for Registering: For username: first and last name as one word example: marymunsey For password: Use todays date: september19

9 After you have logged into QUIA, click on the Classes tab and hit GO to create a new class page.

10 Under Section 1: Give your page a name. Make this something unique, related to the class you teach, and easy to remember. You might use your initials at the beginning and then the class title. Example: owens2 = owens + 2 nd grade Under Section 2: type your name and personal information in the boxes as you would like for it to appear on your web page.

11 Under Section 3: type the school information

12 Watauga Elementary School 23181 Watauga Road Abingdon, Virginia 24211 Ph: 276-739-3600 Fax: 276-628-1847

13 Under Section 4 Begin to create your page. You can use some basic HTML code. = BOLD = Underline = Italicized

14 Some basic HTML code helps to produce a nice simple page.

15 HTML Code Examples Welcome Welcome (do this for everytime you want to hit ENTER) -- draws a line

16 Under Section 5: you can choose a text color and a background color. Experiment with your choices, but make sure that your page remains EASY TO READ! You can choose different fonts and sizes of text here as well. Making font and size selections here will affect all the text on your page.

17 Here is an example of a page with basic HTML code and a choice of colors for both the text and background.

18 Under Section 6: You can add links to activities that you have created or activities that have been created and published by other Quia users. We will have another workshop on creating activities at a later time.

19 Under Section 7: You can add Internet sites that you think may be valuable to individual students, the entire class, or their parents. You can link other class pages from here as well. The URL (web address) must be typed exactly as it appears in your browser.

20 Here are some links to add:

21 Under Sections 8 & 9: You can add a hit counter to your page (this shows how many times your page has been viewed) and you can add a calendar to your page to inform your students and their parents of upcoming deadlines or important dates. Click on Save Changes.

22 When you select Shared Activities you view all of the activities other users have created in Quia. You can search for activities to use with your classes and add them to your class pages. Click on any of the buttons to begin.

23 There are hundreds of different categories for you to search as you locate ready-to- use activities. Click on any of these categories to begin.

24 When you locate an activity you wish to add to your class page, click on Add this to my class page. You can copy these and use them as they are OR you can edit them to better suit your needs.

25 Add or Copy? That is the question! If you like an activity as it is….click on Add to My Page. If you like an activity but would like to edit it….click on Copy to My Account. Then you can edit before you add to you webpage.

26 The activity will be added to your Activities tab, but you should organize these activities into folders which have been renamed to match your class webpages. You will need to create additional folders as you add more classes.

27 You can now return to your classes tab and select your Class. Choose EDIT and scroll down to Section 6: Your Quia Activities. From this drop- down menu you will be able to select an activity you have created or copied from shared activities from other Quia users.

28 When you have finished editing your page be sure to click SAVE Changes.

29 Congratulations – You have entered ALL the required items and have successfully created your first class page in Quia! You need to write the following information on your index card and hand it in to me. 1. your name 2. your school name 3. title of your class 4. URL of your page 5. Your username 6. Your password

30 Upcoming Workshops! Graphics : how to save and upload into your account Calendar: how to create and edit the calendar page Quizzes: how to create and edit quizzes with graphics and gather statistics on your classes Activities : how to create and edit your own activities

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