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Student Dropbox. Register –Click on Not Registered?

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1 Student Dropbox

2 Register –Click on Not Registered?

3 Registration Rules of Registration: Letters/Numbers Only SSN – No Dashes

4 Why Cant I Register? Username already used. –You will have to try a new username SSN or MOSIS Not Found. –Please contact Technology Dept. You cannot enter anything other than numbers/letters in any field.

5 Login –Enter Username/Password you registered with.

6 Dropbox View Overview Upload File Delete File Download File Logout Information Bars

7 Upload File Click Browse… –Find the file you wish to upload Click Upload –File types allowed: JPG, GIF, BMP, PDF, ZIP, XLS, DOC, TXT –No periods allowed in filename –10mb Limit –If successful upload you will see the file appear along with details at the bottom.

8 Delete File Simply click the delete button next to the file you wish to delete. Click OK to confirm deletion of file.

9 Download File Simply click the filename to download Log Out Simply click the Logout button and your session will end.

10 Information Bars Used space is shown Free space is shown The bar will fill as the storage limit is reached showing the Used/Free ratio. 10mb Total Once this is reached the upload button will grey out and not be clickable.

11 Questions? Can students get files at home? –Yes. Can I use this? –Not currently, we are working on it. What if my student forgets his/her username or password –Just register again. Files are linked to their MOSIS id not the username/password. Why cant they upload a certain filetype? –Just ask for it to be added. Can I view my students files? –Not currently, we are working on it.

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