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Vocabulary Instruction What works and what doesn’t.

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1 Vocabulary Instruction What works and what doesn’t

2 Robert J. Marzano Building Background Knowledge for Academic Achievement, Research on What Works in Schools

3 WHAT DOESN’T WORK. Copying definitions Writing sentences using the new terms Telling students to use context clues Memorizing lists of definitions

4 Characteristics of Effective Direct Vocabulary Instruction Characteristic 1: Doesn’t rely on just definitions. Characteristic 2: Uses linguistic and nonlinguistic approaches Characteristic 3: Requires multiple approaches Characteristic 4: Includes teaching word parts Characteristic 5: Relies on different types of instruction Characteristic 6: Emphasizes discussions Characteristic 7: Involves playing with words Characteristic 8: Should focus on high probability vocabulary terms

5 Vocabulary Strategies

6 Concept of Definition Map Concept Comparison Examples Properties Category p. 197 © 2007 ® What is it ? What is it like?

7 Concept of Definition Map Music Jazz Forum to address social and political issues Usually not improvised Started in the 1950s Chuck BerryMick JaggerElvis Presley Rock and Roll Comparison Examples of R & R musicians What is it like? Properties What is it ? Category p. 197 © 2007 ®

8 Frayer Model Helps elaborate on word meaning. Organizes information about a concept into four areas: –Essential Characteristics –Non-essential Characteristics –Examples –Non-examples p. 209 © 2007 ®

9 Frayer Model Essential Characteristics Non-Essential Characteristics Examples Non- Examples Term p. 209 © 2007 ®

10 Frayer Model Essential Characteristics set of pages with protective cover printed or written literary work no advertisements other than by publisher Non-Essential Characteristics whether the words are prose or poetry color of cover color, size, or font of words Examples textbook novel Bible diary Non-Examples magazine flyer postcard Book p. 209 © 2007 ®

11 Vocabulary Map p. 204 Term or Concept Definition Synonym Sentence Picture © 2007 ®

12 Vocabulary Map Modified Example p. 204 Parallel IS untouching equidistant IS NOT intersecting SENTENCE A car driving through sand or snow leaves a set of parallel tracks. PICTURE Parael © 2007 ®

13 Now Try Using One of These Strategies with a Vocabulary Term from Your Content Area

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