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Journey to the Center of Earth

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1 Journey to the Center of Earth

2 Layers of the Earth Outer Crust Inner Crust Mantle Outer Core
Inner Core

3 Outer Crust This is the layer that we live on
The thickness ranges from five miles under the oceans to 25 miles under the continents Consists of cooled rock It is the thinnest layer of the earth

4 The Mantle This layer is semi- liquid
It consists of magnesium, iron, and silicon It is 3000 km wide It is more solid closer to the surface

5 The Outer Core This is consists of liquid due to the high temperatures
It is 2100 km wide This layer consists of nickel and iron

6 The Inner Core This layer is solid.
The reason it is solid is due to the high pressure exerted on it from the outside layers. It consists of the metals nickel and iron. Its temperature is 6,000 degree Celsius. Its width is 2,100 km.

7 Activity # 1- Making a Cross Section
Identify the layers of the earth (crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core). Look at an apple Identify the skin (crust) Identify the apple (mantle) Identify the outside of the seeds (outer core). Identify the inside of the seeds (inner core).

8 Activity #2- Making Flash Cards
Listen to the book “Magic School Bus- Inside the Earth.” Make a list of the earth’s characteristics. Get into groups of four. Make flash cards using the information form the book. Quiz each other and see who gets the most correct.

9 Activity #3- Making a Model of the Earth
Review the characteristics of the layers of the earth. Choose four facts that you wish to discuss. Make a poster of the earth, its layers, and the information that you chose.

10 Assessment Have students present his/her poster or earth creation.
Grade them on the responses to the flashcards. Play a game that involves questions about the crust, mantle, outer core, and inner core.

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