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Climatograms That Define a Biome Temperature & Precipitation.

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2 Climatograms That Define a Biome Temperature & Precipitation

3 Key Terms Biome n biotic community n dominant plants and animals n unique climate Biomes of the World

4 BIOMES n Tundra n Coniferous Forest n Deciduous Forest n Desert n Grassland n Rainforest

5 Key Terms Climatogram n graph shows a biome ’ s monthly temperature n and precipitation data n in a single year

6 Key Term Abiotic Factors Physical or NONLIVING component of an ecosystem Rocks, Sand, Cliffs Snow, Rain, Hail Wind Sun, Heat, Cold

7 n Permafrost (permanent layer of frost) n Little rain or snowfall n Least diverse biome n Flat terrain n Constant low temperature Tundra

8 Coniferous Forest (TAIGA) n Spruce and Fir Trees (Cone Plants) n Mosses, lichens, small shrubs n Winter snowfall n Short, warm summer days n Snow completely thaws

9 Deciduous Forest n Distinct 4 seasons n Trees lose leaves in the Fall n Richest Soil n Oaks, Maple, Hickory, Chestnut n Abundant snow and rainfall n Squirrels, Deer, Birds, Fox, Skunk

10 Desert n Extreme temperatures n Little precipitation n Poor, dry conditions n Thorny plants, cacti n Rodents, insects, reptiles, camels

11 Grassland n Tall, Mixed or Short grass n Deep, porous soil n Low-medium precipitation n Wolves, grasshoppers, jackrabbits, badgers, rattlesnakes, birds, n Low winter temperatures

12 Rainforest n Most Diverse n Minimal season variation n Rainfall, Humidity, Precipitation High n Vegetation is dense n Broad leafed plants n Insects, fungi, monkeys, birds, frogs

13 Purpose of Lab n Graph data of temperature and precipitation n Compare biomes

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