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Bellwork 2/24 Which equation expresses Newton’s second law of motion? A. F = ma B. F = m __ a C. F = m − a D. F = m + a.

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Presentation on theme: "Bellwork 2/24 Which equation expresses Newton’s second law of motion? A. F = ma B. F = m __ a C. F = m − a D. F = m + a."— Presentation transcript:

1 Bellwork 2/24 Which equation expresses Newton’s second law of motion? A. F = ma B. F = m __ a C. F = m − a D. F = m + a


3 Fronts A boundary between 2 air masses of different density, moisture, or temperature Represented on weather maps by various types of curving lines Cloudiness, precipitation and storms sometimes occur at frontal boundaries

4 Types of fronts 1. Cold fronts 2. Warm fronts 3. Occluded fronts 4. Stationary fronts

5 Cold fronts – draw picture Shown on a map as a blue line with triangles Occurs when colder air advances toward warm air Cold air wedges under warm air

6 Warm fronts – draw picture Shown on a map as a red line with semicircles Occurs when lighter, warmer air advances over heavier, colder air

7 When cold and warm fronts meet Warm air is lifted, it cools and water vapor condenses, forming clouds When the temperature difference between the cold and warm air is large or the cold front moves in quickly: Thunderstorms and even tornadoes may form

8 warm & cold fronts – draw pictures

9 Occluded fronts Involves 3 air masses of different temperatures: 1. Colder air 2. Cool air 3. Warm air May form when a cold air mass moves toward cool air with warm air between the two The colder air forces the warm air upward, closing off the warm air from the surface Shown on maps as purple lines with triangles and semicircles

10 Occluded fronts- draw picture

11 Stationary fronts Occurs when a boundary between air masses stops advancing May remain in the same place for several days Producing light wind and precipitation Shown on maps as an alternating red and blue line Red semicircles point toward the cold air Blue triangles point toward the warm air

12 Stationary fronts – draw picture

13 Why does weather change? Air masses Air pressure Fronts


15 Thunderstorms Heavy rain falls, lightning flashes, thunder roars, and hail might fall Occur in warm, moist air masses and along fronts Occur when warm air is lifted rapidly as cooler air sinks

16 Tornadoes A violently rotating column of air in contact with the ground Occur along fronts when cold fronts rapidly approach warm fronts

17 Hurricanes Read pages 610 – 611 Answer questions 3a and 3b

18 Extra Information A barometer is used to measure barometric pressure Maritime refers to water Continental refers to land The National Weather Service (NWS) is responsible for tracking hurricanes Satellite imagery has significantly improved in the last 20 years to help us have a better understanding of hurricanes The warmest part of a hurricane is the eye of the storm

19 Bellwork 2/25 Scientists are studying the use of vegetable oil as an automotive fuel. Which of these is a logical justification for continuing this research? A. The research may also help scientists develop new vegetables for use as food. B. Vegetable oil can be purchased at grocery stores, so there would be less need for fueling stations. C. Using vegetable oil will increase the number of cars that can be used by increasing the available fuel for cars. D. The fossil fuel used to make gasoline is becoming a limited resource, while vegetable oil is made of plants crops that are renewable.

20 Classwork 2/25 Complete weather forecasting worksheet Turn in when finished. If you do not finish in class, it is homework. If you finish before the bell rings, read a book or work on something from another class.

21 Bellwork 2/26 Power grids use alternating current (AC) in transmission and distribution systems. Which statement explains why AC is used instead of direct current (DC)? F. Transmission wires cannot carry enough direct current to supply the needs of the power grid. G. The voltage can be changed in an alternating current system to transfer energy more efficiently. H. Electrical energy must be transmitted as alternating current because that is how it is produced at power plants. J. Direct current would not be useful to electric company customers because appliances operate on alternating current.

22 Classwork 2/26 You will work with a partner to complete the Coriolis worksheet. If you finish before we start to go over it, read a book or Scholastic magazine.

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