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Welcome to 3 rd Grade Jeopardy!! Jeopardy – Round 1 EnglishMathScienceSocial StudiesWildcard 20 40 60 80 100 Click here for Round Two.

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2 Welcome to 3 rd Grade Jeopardy!!

3 Jeopardy – Round 1 EnglishMathScienceSocial StudiesWildcard 20 40 60 80 100 Click here for Round Two

4 English – 20 points Mrs. Johnson is my favorite teacher, Maria told her mother. I really enjoy the lessons in her class. In this paragraph, the word enjoy means A like B hear C notice D save

5 Answer: A. like English – 20 points

6 Katie said that Kevin was being dishonest when he said he could hold his breath for 20 minutes. What does Katie mean by dishonest? A. Kevin is being honest. B. Kevin is not telling the truth. C. Kevin is very serious. D. Kevin thinks he is a dolphin. English – 40 points

7 Answer: B. Kevin is not telling the truth. English – 60 points

8 I dont make cookies very well, so I usually buy mine prebaked. In which word is pre used the same way as in prebaked? A. preacher B. pretty C. pretest D. pretzel English – 60 points

9 Answer: C. pretest English – 40 points

10 All of the following are compound words EXCEPT– A. airplane B. newspaper C. rainbow D. smarter English – 80 points

11 Answer: D. smarter English – 80 points

12 When I was in the third grade, I made a really big mistake. My teacher assigned a spelling test, but I decided I would play video games all night instead of studying. That wasn't the biggest mistake I made, though. What I did after that was worse! When my teacher, Miss Crabtree, told us to clear our desks for the test, I took my word list and put it on top of my books inside my desk where I could see it. Miss Crabtree started calling out the words and I copied each of them from my word list. Suddenly, Miss Crabtree noticed what I was doing. She walked over to my desk and took my word list from me. She told me she wanted to see me after class. I knew I was in trouble then! I left class quickly that day before Miss Crabtree could talk to me about it. By the time I got home, I had forgotten all about the spelling test. I was watching television when the telephone rang. It was Miss Crabtree! She told my mother what happened in class. Boy was she mad! She took away my video games and wouldnt let me go anywhere or do anything fun for a whole month. Plus, I had to study and retake the spelling test. So, I guess what they say really is true - cheaters never win! The main idea of this story is A. Miss Crabtree is a really good teacher B. I learned that cheating on a test is a horrible mistake C. My mother gets mad when I get in trouble at school D. I like to play video games English – 100 points

13 Answer: English – 100 points B. I learned that cheating on a test is a horrible mistake

14 The Parents Club sold 2,487 tickets for the winter festival. What is 2,487 rounded to the nearest hundred? A. 2,400 B. 2,470 C. 2,480 D. 2,500 Math – 20 points

15 Answer: D. 2,500 Math – 20 points

16 Which of the following shows nine hundred seven thousand, four hundred eighteen in standard form? A.9,007,418 B.970,418 C.907,480 D.907,418 Math – 40 points

17 Answer: D. 907,418 Math – 40 points

18 Which decimal shows the same number as this shaded figure? A.0.14 B.0.40 C.0.41 D.4.10 Math – 60 points

19 Answer: C. 0.41 Math – 60 points

20 C. D. This model is shaded to show a fraction of a whole. Which of the following is shaded with a value GREATER THAN the one above? A. B.

21 Answer: C. Math – 80 points

22 This represents a value of 1. Which model represents the value of 3 in 168, 342? A. B. Math – 100 points C. D.

23 Answer: C. Math – 100 points

24 A wetland habitat can continue to support the birds and fish that live there if people A.drain the water away B.flood the highest parts of the land C.leave the land alone D.use the land for planting crops Science – 20 points

25 Answer: C. leave the land alone Science – 20 points

26 Which of these warms most of the air, water, and land on Earth? A.Coal B.Electricity C.Wind D.Sunlight Science – 40 points

27 Answer: D. Sunlight Science – 40 points

28 Cows are farm animals that eat only plants. Which of these kinds of living things is a cow? A.Decomposer B.Herbivore C.Carnivore D.Producer Science – 60 points

29 Answer: B. Herbivore Science – 60 points

30 DAILY DOUBLE!! Science – 80 points A graph shows what happened when salt was added to water in a glass. According to the graph, which of these is correct? A. Salt tastes different when water is heated. B. Salt will cause water to heat up. C. Salt is used to make hot water. D. Salt dissolves more easily in hot water.

31 Answer: A. salt dissolves more easily in hot water Science – 80 points (Daily Double)

32 The plants in the chart are grouped together because all three– A. need some shade B. lose their leaves C. are shrubs D. have thorns Science – 100 points

33 Answer: B. lose their leaves Science – 100 points

34 According to the store directory, which floor has goods that are a part of peoples basic needs? A. 2nd B. 3rd C. 4th D. 5th Social Studies – 20 points

35 Answer: A. 2nd Social Studies – 20 points

36 Which sentence describes something that happened in history? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Social Studies – 40 points

37 Answer: C. 3 Social Studies – 40 points

38 An example of Greek Architecture is the– A. B. Social Studies – 60 points C. D.

39 Answer: B.B. Social Studies – 60 points

40 In the empire of Mali, how was salt used? A.To wash clothes B.To grow plants C.To make paper D.To preserve food Social Studies – 80 points

41 Answer: D. to preserve food Social Studies – 80 points

42 Part of which continent is in C5? A.Africa B.Antarctica C.Asia D.Australia Social Studies – 100 points

43 Answer: C. Asia Social Studies – 100 points

44 The needle of a magnetic compass will always find which direction? A. North B. South C. East D. West Wildcard – 20 points

45 Answer: A. North Wildcard – 20 points

46 Which of these would be best to use to report the temperature of a liquid? A. Degrees Celsius B. Meters C. Kilograms D. Liters Wildcard – 40 points

47 Answer: A. Degrees Celsius Wildcard – 40 points

48 Wildcard – 60 points Benjamin Franklin was famous for A.proving electricity could be found in lightning B.teaching people how to grow potatoes C.showing how to make automobiles work better D.discovering a way to make computers

49 Answer: A. proving electricity could be found in lightning Wildcard – 60 points

50 Wildcard – 80 points Anna took of the apples from a box. How many apples did she take? A. 2 B. 4 C. 6 D. 8

51 Answer: A. 2 Wildcard – 80 points

52 Wildcard – 100 points Read the following sentence. I searched the _____ house for my brother, but he was nowhere to be _____. Which pair of words makes the sentence correct? A. hole, seen B. whole, scene C. whole, seen D. hole, scene

53 Answer: C. whole, seen Wildcard – 100 points

54 Jeopardy – Round 2 EnglishMathScienceSocial StudiesWildcard 20 40 60 80 100 Click here for Final Jeopardy

55 Read the following sentence: You cant _____ that heavy turnip on the _____ scale because it would break it! Which pair of words makes the sentence correct? A. way, knew B. weigh, knew C. way, new D. weigh, new English – 20 points

56 Answer: D. weigh, new

57 I was late to class because I dropped my lunch tray on the floor and had to clean it up. Which word uses -ed the same way as in dropped? A. wicked B. smelled C. indeed D. speed English – 40 points

58 Answer: B. smelled

59 The Ant and the Dove A Dove saw an Ant fall into a river. The Ant struggled to reach the shore. In pity, the Dove dropped a blade of straw close beside it. Hanging on to the straw, the Ant floated safely to shore. Soon after, the Ant saw a man getting ready to kill the Dove with a stone. But just as he threw the stone, the Ant stung him in the heel. The pain made the man miss, and the startled Dove flew to safety in a distant forest. A kindness is never wasted. Why did the Ant sting the mans heel? A.the Ant was afraid the man would try to step him after he killed the Dove B.the Ant was tired and cranky after swimming to shore and took it out on the man C. the Ant wanted to help the Dove because the Dove had been kind to the Ant D. the Ant was hungry, so he decided to take a bite out of the mans heel English – 60 points

60 Answer: C. the Ant wanted to help the Dove because the Dove had been kind to the Ant

61 One Halloween I dressed up as a clown. My mother bought me a big red nose made out of foam to wear, but I didn't like it. I decided to sneak into her makeup and use her red lipstick instead. I colored my whole nose red and went trick-or-treating. When I got home later that night, I tried to rub the lipstick off, but all I did was make my nose pink! I couldn't get all of the lipstick off. I didn't want my mother to know what I had done, so I went to bed, hoping the lipstick would wear off by morning. It didn't. When my mother woke me up for school, the first thing she saw was my bright pink nose. I thought I was in trouble for sure, but she just laughed and told me to use her cold cream to get it all off. I bet I never do that again, though! What is this story mostly about? A. I dressed up as a clown one Halloween. B. I dont like the big foam noses that go with clown costumes. C. You can use cold cream to take lipstick off. D. I put lipstick on my nose without permission, and I couldnt get it off. English – 80 points

62 Answer: D. I put lipstick on my nose without permission, and I couldn't get it off.

63 Swing 1 Swing low, 2 Swing high. 3 Until your tiptoes 4 Touch the sky. 5 Swing high, 6 Swing low. 7 Swing where grownups 8 Cannot go. This poem is mostly about– A. touching the sky B. riding on a swing C. standing on tiptoe D. swinging your arms English – 100 points

64 Answer: B. riding on a swing

65 There are 14 roses in Julias garden. Nine of the roses are red and the rest are yellow. How many roses are yellow? A. 4 B. 5 C. 7 D. 8 Math – 20 points

66 Answer: B. 5 Math – 20 points

67 A bakery made four different kinds of doughnuts. The pictograph below shows the number of each kind of doughnuts sold one morning. Based on the information in the graph, what was the total number of chocolate doughnuts sold? A. 6 B. 16 C. 19 D. 60 Math – 40 points (Daily Double) DAILY DOUBLE

68 Answer: D. 60 Math – 40 points (Daily Double)

69 Math – 60 points Daron had this much money in the bank. His brother gave him this much more. What is the total amount Daron has altogether? A. $4.50 B. $4.25 C. $4.00 D. $3.75

70 Answer: B. $4.25 Math – 60 points

71 Kim is meeting her friends at the mall at 4:35 P.M. Which clock shows this time? A. B. Math – 80 points C. D.

72 Answer: D. Math – 80 points

73 On what day did Larry spend more than 50 minutes reading? A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Sunday D. Friday Math – 100 points

74 Answer: D. Friday Math – 100 points

75 Which picture shows the way two magnets will attract? A. B. Science – 20 points C. D.

76 Answer: D. Science – 20 Points

77 All materials are made of– A.liquid B.wood C.smaller parts that cannot be seen that do not stick together Science – 40 points

78 Answer: C. smaller parts that cannot be seen Science – 40 Points

79 Which of the following pictures shows how a wedge works? A. B. Science – 60 points C. D.

80 Answer: C. Science – 60 Points

81 Which of these human activities is MOST damaging to the air? A.Picking fruit from a tree B.Planting a garden C.Burning tires D.Riding a bike Science – 80 points

82 Answer: C. Burning tires Science – 80 Points

83 Why is it easier to grow plants in topsoil than in subsoil? A.Topsoil has more humus. B.Topsoil has more rocks. C.Topsoil has more dust. D.Topsoil has more clay. Science – 100 points

84 Answer: A. Topsoil has more humus Science – 100 Points

85 Where is the museum in this map? A. North of the school B. East of the store C. South of the lake D. East of the park Social Studies – 20 points

86 Answer: C. South of the lake Social Studies – 20 points

87 Trina asked some people about their jobs. She put their answers in this table. There are four people with the same job. What do these people do at work? A. make healthy meals B. help students C. grow crops D. help the sick Social Studies – 40 points

88 Answer: C. grow crops Social Studies – 40 points

89 Social Studies – 60 points DAILY DOUBLE He developed hundreds of uses for peanuts, sweet potatoes and soybeans. A. Jackie Robinson B. George Washington Carver C. Martin Luther King, Jr. D. Thurgood Marshall

90 Answer: C. George Washington Carver Social Studies – 20 points (daily double)

91 All economic choices require– A.a comparison of monetary costs. B.fulfilling our wants. up something. D.fulfilling our needs. Social Studies – 80 points

92 Answer: C. giving up something Social Studies – 80 points

93 Why were Jacques Cartiers explorations important? A.He discovered the New World. B.He founded the first English settlement. C.He was the first explorer to travel around the world. D. He gave claim to land in Canada for France. Social Studies – 100 points

94 Answer: D. He gave claim to land in Canada for France. Social Studies – 100 points

95 Smelts are fish that lay their eggs in the sand on beaches. When the eggs hatch, the babies know to go to the water. This is an example of A. instinct B. hibernation C. camouflage D. learned behavior Wildcard – 20 points

96 Answer: A. instinct Wildcard – 20 points

97 What are the three states of matter? A. liquid, vapor, gas B. solid, liquid, gas C. liquid, heat, gas D. solid, gas, clouds Wildcard – 40 points

98 Answer: B. solid, liquid, gas Wildcard – 40 points

99 On the map, South America is labeled number– A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4 Wildcard – 60 points

100 Answer: B. 2 Wildcard – 60 points

101 The Pacific Ocean is labeled which number on the map? A. 1 B. 2 C. 5 D. 4 Wildcard – 80 points

102 Answer: A. 1 Wildcard – 80 points

103 Which of the following is true about Christopher Newport? A.He brought many people to Virginia. B.He was one of the first men to reach the Fall Line. C.He wanted to discover riches. D.All of the above. Wildcard – 100 points

104 Answer: D. All of the above Wildcard – 100 points

105 FINAL JEOPARDY Category: MATH Make Your Wagers…

106 QUESTION: This model is shaded to show one whole. The two models below are each shaded to show a fraction. Model 1 Model 2 One fraction is subtracted from the other. Which model is shaded to show the difference? A. B. C. D.



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