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Our Story for this week is

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1 Our Story for this week is
Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis Hurst, illustrated by James Stevenson THIS WEEK STUDENTS WILL LEARN Comprehension Skill Generalize Comprehension Strategy Prior Knowledge Vocabulary Strategy Context Clues

2 Guided Reading Groups

3 I’m going to write about my
Biography A biography. It tells the story of a real person written by someone else. I’m going to write about my dad and how he taught me to ride my bike.

4 When is it valuable to have unique interests?

5 Content Vocabulary forged heated metal until it is very soft and then hammered it into shape mentor someone who gives advice and shows you how to do or be something ornamental used as decoration

6 Vocabulary

7 attic Attic the space in a house just below the roof and above the other room

8 board Board a group of people managing something.

9 chores Chores small tasks or easy jobs that you have to do regularly.

10 labeled Labeled put or wrote a label on something.

11 spare  Spare means extra.

12 stamps Stamps are small pieces of paper with glue on the back for mailing letters and packages.

13 Skills

14 Spelling Rule When the prefixes pre-, mid-, over-, and out- are added to words, the base word stays the same: prepaid, midnight, overflow, outdoors.

15 Generalize When you read, you can sometimes make a general statement about what you have read. A general statement tells how some things are mostly alike or all alike. Look for examples. Ask what they have in common.

16 Use some of the vocabulary words with the poster.

17 United Streaming Links
Three Rocks   (11:00) This video looks at three stones - a piece of igneous, a piece of sedimentary, and a piece of metamorphic rock - and investigates how they formed, and how they relate to one another through the rock cycle.  The Magic School Bus Rocks and Rolls (26:12) To celebrate the founding of Walkerville, Ms. Frizzle’s class sculpts a stone likeness of its founding father, Captain Walker. As they add the finishing touches, the statue tumbles down the mountain. Ms. Frizzle turns the Bus into a huge boulder and the kids into rocks while bumping down the mountain in a desperate attempt to save the statue.  Uses of Rocks and Minerals (18:00) The rocks and minerals that form within the Earth are used to make many important materials. Witness how rocks are mined, processed, and then constructed into glass, cement, bricks, houses, roads, and other objects used in our everyday lives.

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