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Anansi Goes Fishing Day 1

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1 Anansi Goes Fishing Day 1

2 Morning Warm-Up Day 1 Creative ideas can solve problems or answer questions. When are creative ideas good? When are they bad?

3 consume Amazing Words Day 1
Our family consumed a huge bowl of popcorn while we watched TV. When you consume something, you eat it or use it all up.

4 prey Small fish are often the prey of bigger fish.
Prey is an animal that is hunted and killed by another animal for food.

5 shrewd Dad told me to be shrewd about deciding what to do with my allowance. Someone or something who is shrewd is very clever or smart.

6 Compound Words sail boat
A compound word is made up of two shorter words. sail boat

7 time bed

8 snow storm

9 To read compound words, first I read the two words and then blend them into one word.
school yard

10 star fish

11 Spelling Words

12 basketball

13 someone

14 weekend

15 something

16 birthday

17 riverbank

18 bathtub

19 backyard

20 driveway

21 bedtime

22 raindrop

23 mailbox

24 grandparent

25 rattlesnake

26 earthquake

27 Let’s Talk About Creative Ideas
When are creative ideas good? When are creative ideas bad? when they hurt someone when they are dangerous when they are mean when they scare someone when they don’t do what they are supposed to do when they help someone When they cure a sickness when they keep someone safe when they make someone happy

28 Write Advice What a Good Friend Does Listens to what you say.
________________________________________ What a Good Friend Doesn’t Do Tells someone your secrets. _______________________________________

29 Anansi Goes Fishing Day 2

30 Morning Warm-Up Day 2 How do you feel when someone tries to trick you or when anyone lies to you? What is something you can do? Find the compound words.

31 Amazing Words Day 2 consume prey shrewd boast gloat

32 grandpa grandma rowboat outside lunchbox halfway sunscreen someone
Compound Words Draw a line between the two words that make up the compound word. grandpa grandma rowboat outside lunchbox halfway sunscreen someone

33 Anansi Goes Fishing High Frequency Words

34 believe

35 caught

36 finally

37 I have been waiting for you.

38 “Whatever do you mean?” asked Mom.

39 today

40 tomorrow

41 Anansi Goes Fishing Day 3

42 Morning Warm-Up Day 3 Yesterday Farmer Smart had a problem. Today he finds a way to fix it. Tomorrow he won’t have the problem anymore! How do you fix a problem?

43 High Frequency Word Practice
I woke up on Sunday morning and said, “____________ I don’t have to go to school.” I love all kinds of foods and will eat _____________ Dad puts on my plate. Do you ________________ fairy tales are true?

44 Yesterday I went fishing and __________ three fish.
I woke up on Thursday and said, “___________ is Friday!” I have _____________ sick for three days. I can’t wait until I’m ____________ old enough to drive.

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