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BIOMES Created by Nancy Robbins, Sunnyside.

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1 BIOMES Created by Nancy Robbins, Sunnyside

2 What is a Biome? Environment Land Water Plants Animals
This is a biome map. What type of map it? What does it tell you?

3 Tropical Rain Forest Receives high levels of precipitation, inches a year Temperatures, degrees F Tall trees, canopy Thin soil, lacks nutrients Animals live in tree branches – monkeys, birds, insects Review what precipitation is: any form of water that falls to the earth

4 Desert Receives very little precipitation, less than 10 inches annually – dry Poor soil, little organic matter Supports little life Cacti, birds, snakes, rodents, big horn sheep

5 Temperate Deciduous Forest
Temperatures are moderate Precipitation year round Many deciduous trees Rich soil – lots of organic matter Deer, birds, fox, squirrel, earthworms

6 Grassland Area covered with grass
Not enough precipitation to support trees, more than 10 inches a year Fertile and deep top soil – good farmland, wheat Bison, cattle, sheep, horses

7 Chaparral Temperate shrub land Cool, rain in winter Hot summers
Very little rain Poor soil, precipitation leaches the soil Short woody plants with simple evergreen leaves Flammable – fire helps seed germinate Great horned owl, chipmunks, lizards

8 Temperate Rain Forest High levels of precipitation, 150 – 200 inches annually Moderate temperatures rarely drop below freezing Tall coniferous trees, ferns, fungi Deer, salmon, arachnids

9 Taiga Northern Coniferous Forest Long, cold winters Short summers
Soil is either very cold or very dry Precipitation is mostly snow Elk, deer, caribou, wolves, black bears

10 Tundra Treeless plains of northern region Dark, cold, long winters
Intense sun in summer Thin layer of soil, frozen below Low grasses and shrubs Soil is mostly frozen

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