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Reading Test Taking Strategies

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1 Reading Test Taking Strategies

2 Nonfiction Text “Read the article”!
Scan for pictures, charts, graphs, maps, footnotes, etc. Read the 1st-2nd paragraph to get the main idea.

3 Go to the Questions Are they critical thinking questions or detail questions? (CT or D) Mark them. Analyze: any vocabulary words or phrases for the detail questions Number in the article all questions first Answer (D questions first)

4 Detail Use the key words to skim/scan
If you can not find then change the question to CT

5 Critical Thinking One of these things is not like the other
Eliminate answers that don’t “fit in” with the detail questions If you still can not answer, move on Make an educated guess

6 Activity Make a poster for the strategy Directions: Title Steps
Visuals Be creative!

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