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Copperhead Snake Julius Bloznalis.

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1 Copperhead Snake Julius Bloznalis

2 There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates.
they are: Mammals Fish Reptiles Birds amphibians

3 There are certain characteristics that make the copperhead a reptile.
A copperhead is cold blooded. They breathe using lungs. The copperheads skin is covered in scales. The copperhead reproduces babies by laying eggs. 3

4 Appearance The copperhead is coppery orange and rusty red. It also has reddish-brown saddles on it. The copperhead is a narrow snake, so it can blend in with a tree shape.

5 Food The copperhead will eat almost anything, but its two favorites are mice and shrew tail. It will eat other small animals, such as rats, lizards, turtles, and insects. But it will also eat decaying (rotting) animals too. The copperheads only natural prey is a shrew tail.

6 Environment The copperhead lives in its environment by blending in with wheat fields, crops, and brown-yellow leaves. This is because of its reddish-orange colors.

7 Social Habits Copperheads live in very small groups. They usually live in two to three groups. Its adapted to its behavior by hunting single, protecting the family, and living in groups .

8 Interesting Facts Copperheads only live in the eastern part of the us. They live near rocky wooded hill sides, swamp edges, pine woods, and near canyon springs. It blends in with leaves to blend in with its habitats.

9 Interesting facts With its hollow fangs, deep facial heat sensing pits between the nostrils and eyes, and vertical pupils they are superbly designed for sit -and- wait, low light hunting. At night, its heat sensors detect the prey and guide the strike Caution!: Copperheads deliver a painful, venomous bite. Steer clear of them!

10 Interesting facts Copperheads hunt for their selves and brings it back to its family. Its predator, the hawk can kill them. But copperheads can kill hawks also. When a hawk picks a copperhead, the copperhead will bite the hawk. And copperheads have venom. And venom is poisons .

11 Types of Venomous Snakes
Night snake Timber rattler Eastern coral snake Western coral snake Cotton mouth Massasauga Pigmy rattler Prairie rattler Eastern diamond back Western diamond back Cobra Black mamba Fer-de-lance

12 Where to find a copperhead
You will find copperheads in the eastern part of the united states. They live at swamp edges, rocky wooded hillsides, pine woods, and near canyon springs.

13 Never Kill Them Do not kill Copperheads. They are endangered species in Iowa. They need to live in the wild. It is illegal to kill or collect this species by law in Iowa. Although copperheads may be quite common in other parts of their country, they are one of Iowa's rarest snakes.

14 Hope you learned a lot! For more information, go to the library or look up copperheads on the internet. Remember, don`t kill copperheads. Their endangered!

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