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1 By Lauren Fornshell F By by
Hummingbird By Lauren Fornshell F By by

2 Animal Classifications
There are five different groups of animals with vertebrates. These classifications are: Mammals Fish Reptiles Bird Amphibians

3 The Hummingbird’s Animal Classifications
The hummingbird has certain characteristics that make it a bird. Here are some of its attributes. Hummingbirds are warm blooded. They give birth to babies hatched from eggs. They have two wings, and two legs, and a beak. They breathe through lungs. They are covered with feathers.

4 Diagram of Hummingbird

5 Appearance Hummingbirds can fly in one place because its wings flap 55 to 75 times a second! The smallest Hummingbird Is the bee Hummingbird it is the size of a bee! A Hummingbird is one of the smallest birds in America. Hummingbirds find the most flowers in parks.

6 Habitat The Hummingbird lives near flowers. It also migrants
which means it goes to a different home. The best place for a Hummingbirds to live near a park because parks usually Have a lot of flowers around.

7 Enemies The enemies will eat or hurt the Hummingbird. Here are some of enemies of the Hummingbird like hawks, road runners and Hummingbirds can get caught in a spider web then gets eaten by the spider.

8 Diet Hummingbirds live near flowers because they drink the nectar from the flowers. Hummingbirds like about the same kind of flowers butterflies like. If you know what kind of flowers the butterfly likes then you know what kind of flowers the Hummingbird likes.

9 Hummingbird Eggs Because Hummingbirds are so teeny weenie there eggs are smaller than a penny! The outside of a Hummingbirds egg is called a ostrich.

10 Conclusion I hope you had fun learning about these gentle beautiful creatures now you know all about the Hummingbird. I hope you had a ton of fun learning about the Hummingbird!

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