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Welcome to Ms. Lindstroms Class Open House 2009-10 Please Sign In.

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1 Welcome to Ms. Lindstroms Class Open House 2009-10 Please Sign In

2 Meet Ms. Lindstrom Originally from northern Minnesota Graduate of University of South Florida in 2007 6 years working with pre-kindergarten Came to Mt. Vernon in 2007 working on the kindergarten team and taught second grade last year

3 Meet Ms. Lindstroms Family Natasha Sister Lives in St. Petersburg Manages a Marshalls store in Oldsmar Rick and Bianca Dad and Mom Live in Bemidji, MN Have a pig farm Brody Nephew Lives in St. Paul, MN Going into 3rd Grade

4 Meet Ms. Lindstroms Family Jason Brother (Brodys dad) Lives in Minneapolis, MN Beginning a career with the U.S. Navy Josh Brother Lives in Minneapolis, MN Works in sales Daisy And Onyx Popcorn

5 It takes ALL of us working together to help your child be the best that he or she can be! Home School PTA Community

6 Our Mission Statement Within the first week of school, we will work as a class to determine what our goals are going to be for the year. Our Mission Statements will answer the following questions: Who does this statement belong to? What are the goals that we are setting as second graders? How will we meet these goals? Why are we working towards these goals?

7 Class Expectations… The children will help create the rules of the classroom within the first few days of school.

8 Dicipline Our class runs on a Plus (+)/Delta (Δ) system. Students who are seen doing tasks that promote positive classroom behavior receive a +. When students have received a given number of +s, they receive rewards. Students who need redirection will receive a Δ.

9 Consequences Δ Verbal Warning. Student loses a point and is spoken to about behavior. Δ Written Warning. Student loses another point and a note is written in their agenda. Δ Δ Δ Removal from Classroom. Student loses another point. A note is written in their agenda. Student is also asked to go to another teachers classroom and write a reflection on their behavior. Δ Δ Referral. Student loses another point. A referral is written and the student is sent to the office. Teacher will call home and inform parents of the students behavior.

10 Parent Teacher Association Please join to help our students $5/person Parents Grandparents Businesses Purchase many items for the classrooms Extra-curricular activities Can sign-up tonight in cafeteria!

11 Volunteers MUST be registered – Paperwork available tonight! Lend a helping hand Work with students in the classroom Field Trips

12 Adopt-a-Class Very easy and beneficial way to help your childs class Donations of $150(+-) or more Paper, computer software, books for class library, projects, field trips, etc. Share the donation with several families Ask your place of business (Tax deductable)

13 Parent – Teacher Communication Agenda or planner Sign or initial the agenda every day. Newsletters Email, telephone calls, notes, and conferences My email is Family Nights – See agenda for dates

14 Conferences Conferences will be scheduled on an as needed basis. Students who are at risk will have first priority. Please sign up for a time that is convenient for you. A confirmation note/phone call will be made prior to the conference date.

15 Monday – Reading Tuesday – Spelling Wednesday – Writing Thursday – Math Students will be expected to read every day for 15-20 minutes. Students returning their completed homework receive incentives. Please review and initial students homework to insure proper completion. Homework Homework is sent home in a packet every Friday and is expected to be returned the following Friday.

16 Whats new in Second Grade? FAIR – Reading Assessment (3 times per year) Greater Participation in Reading Counts SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) In addition to District Reading and Writing Assessments there are also Math and Science Assessments (3 times per year) MIND (Math Is Not Difficult) Club

17 Supplies needed… Backpack White three-ringed binder Pencil box Crayons 2 pencils with cap erasers

18 Wish List The following items are not required for your child. However, any donations of the following items will really help throughout the school year. Boxes of Kleenex Expo dry erase markers Eraser caps Hand sanitizer Band-aids Small prizes (for the treasure box) Healthy snacks (Goldfish, Vanilla Wafers, crackers, pretzels, etc.)

19 Please do the following before you go… Look through your childs textbooks. Please be sure you signed in! Stop by the cafeteria to learn more about the PTA and to meet the specialists. Consider becoming a volunteer. Volunteers must be registered. If interested please pick up a form by the Open House sign in sheet. Thank you so much for coming!

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