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Toucans Toucans Morgan Hammerberg Toucans.

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1 Toucans Toucans Morgan Hammerberg Toucans

2 What do toucans eat? Toucans
Toucans eat seeds insects fruit and berries. Toucans

3 How much does a toucan weigh?
Toucans can weigh about 20 oz. [550 g]. Toucans rule Toucans

4 What do toucans look like?
Toucans have a long beak and black feathers. Its colorful beak is about 7 ½ inches long. Toucans Toucans Toucans

5 What dose a toucan sound like?
A toucan sound like a frog when it croaks. Toucas

6 How do toucans find food?
Toucans find food by finding it in trees and on the ground. They can snap fruit from another animals hands. Toucans

7 How long do toucans live?
Toucans live about 20 years or less. Toucans

8 What rainforest do toucans live in?
Toucans can live in the South America Rainforest. Toucans Toucans

9 How do Toucans Stay Safe from Predators?
Toucans stay safe from predators by blending into the trees. Toucans

10 What kind of layer does a toucan live in?
Toucans live in the canopy layer of the Rainforest in a tree. TOUCANS ROCK Toucans

11 What do Toucans sound like?
Toucans sound like a frog when it croaks. It can be the noisiest animal in the rainforest. Toucans Toucans Rock Toucans

12 Why I picked this animal.
I picked this animal because I know some about things about toucans, but I wanted to learn more about toucans. Toucans

13 Ending I hope you liked my slide show about toucans. Toucans

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