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Created By: Kerry Giordano Adapted from :Susan M. Pojer

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1 Created By: Kerry Giordano Adapted from :Susan M. Pojer
GREECE: Athens & Sparta Created By: Kerry Giordano Adapted from :Susan M. Pojer

2 "Hellenic" (Classical) Greece: 700 BCE BCE

3 ATHENS: Yesterday & Today

4 Early Athenian Lawgivers
Draco “draconian” - harsh Cleisthenes created the first democracy 500 BCE Council of 500 – rotate yearly = daily business

5 Athenian Economy Necessary for food Agora Market – find everything!
olive oil, honey, silver, pottery traded to Italy for wood Agora Market – find everything! Coins – gold, silver, bronze

6 Piraeus: Athens’ Port City

7 Cloth Market

8 Athenian Education Education = Good Citizen
Boys 6-12 Reading, math, writing,literature, PE, singing, lyre 18 – military training for boys Girls – no reading/writing – home skills

9 Athenian Education

10 Athenian Women and Slaves
No- inheritance, vote, property or choose husband Jobs: market seller, priestess, home Slaves – born into/captured in war

11 Athenian Women & Slaves

12 Golden “Age of Pericles”: 460 BCE – 429 BCE

13 Phidias’ Acropolis

14 The Acropolis Today

15 The Parthenon

16 The Agora


18 Spartan Government Oligarchy Council of Elders
Rule by a few - inherited Council of Elders 2 kings/28 men elected by Assembly (shouts) Assembly – 60 yrs old of noble family

19 SPARTA Helots  Messenians enslaved by the Spartans.

20 Spartan Economy Farm what you can, conquer what you can’t
Slaves (helots) – farm or (perioikoi) produce goods No coins – iron bars to discourage thieves

21 Spartan Economy Conquer whatever you don’t have!

22 Spartan Education Education = protection (infanticide)
Boys 7 – move to barracks for tng Reading, math (less), military tng, wrestling, boxing, PE, footrace, gymnastic Physical strength – march w/no shoes 20- tested on fitness, military ability, leadership = full citizen and soldier 30 – live w/wife and family but still in army

23 Spartan Education

24 Spartan Women and Slaves
Protect home – simple clothes, no jewelry, perfume, make-up Rights: speak to men, own property, remarry if husband is gone too long Helots – treated harshly b/c Spartans fear revolt – declare war often to control Rights: choose spouse, sell extra, pass on name, buy freedom

25 Spartan Women & Slaves

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