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Welcome To Open House.

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1 Welcome To Open House

2 Pinellas County Expectations
Based on Florida’s Sunshine State Standards Taught through an integrated curriculum Formal assessment (PIAP) done 3 times a year Informally assessed daily Portfolios used to help children monitor their own progress Your child’s data will be shared with you at our conference Our School Improvement Plan address all major curriculum areas

3 Expectations *Mission Statement and Expectations developed collaboratively with the children *Ticket system and behavior calendar help children monitor their choices Building a Classroom Learning System - family Want to help children start thinking about how to solve problems by themselves Mission Statement and Ground Rules developed Good behavior is expected not rewarded - It is a CHOICE Review ticket system - Helps children monitor how they are doing Behavior Calendar - initial, look at daily

4 Responsibility Important Paper Folder Communication Journal Homework
Important Paper Folder - look through it every night & empty Communication Journal - vital for us to remain in touch Write notes in here (absent notes) Homework/ Newsletter - sent weekly please sign so I know you have reviewed it with your child Encourage independence - Try to encourage them to do things by themselves - Teaches them - they can

5 Schedule Lunch -M, T, W, and F - 11:12-11:42
Lunch - Thursdays 10:36- 10:56 PE (1:25-2:00) Art - Wednesdays (8:50-9:30) Music - Mondays (2:05-2:40) Library- Thursdays Varies - based on the needs of the children Library - Thursdays (please help them remember their books) Groups - Whole, small, individual FLEXIBLE Majority of time spent in reading, writing and math activities. Science/Social Studies/Health are integrated

6 Shared Reading - whole group Guided Reading - small group
Individualized Independent Reading Read Aloud Shared Reading - big books - opportunity to model skills and thinking Social studies/ science & health are often integrated Guided Reading Leveled Books 1-20 (samples) Inclusion model Baggy Books (please return) Individualized Independent Reading - children read silently every day in books at their own reading level - individual conferences Strategies to figure out new words are modeled and practiced in each of these!

7 Word Time Word Wall - 110 Sight Words Spelling Patterns
Knowing these equals reading success Spelling Patterns vowel and what comes after it (Rhyming part ) Making words Word Wall - starting next week 5 a week focus on rhyming and spelling families Want kids to be able to read and write them Handwriting -Encourage correct letter formation

8 Writing Workshop Children write every day
By writing, children’s reading improves Encourage spelling approximations Talk frequently with your child about what they are planning to write about Expectation is for first graders to be able to write a well developed paragraph by the end of the year HOW?? - Write daily Encourage spelling approximations/ sight words and word wall words should begin to be spelled correctly Children learn to read through writing YOU CAN HELP BY......Talking with your child about what they are going to write about

9 Math Hands-on (concrete to the abstract)
Lots of talking about thinking Problem Solving Calendar - done daily to introduce & review numerous math skills Calendar - multi-leveled skills every day Hands-on with manipulatives (strong base ) Move from concrete to abstract Lots of talking - verbalizing what they are thinking Problem Solving 1st grade- county adopted math series, workbook (based on parent feedback)... does prepared for FCAT

10 Technology Used as a tool to enhance curriculum Internet activities
Class web site CTIP Children on it daily One of many tools we uses Wide variety of appropriate programs Internet ONLY with teacher supervision

11 Report Cards Sent home three times a year Grading Scale E = Excellent
V = Very Good S = Satisfactory N = Needs Improvement U = Unsatisfactory New Grading Codes 1st - 3 times a year - dates on sheet Mid term reports if your child is struggling Grades - Encourage children to do their best Individual Performance Assessment used for determining grades

12 Important Paper Folder Homework PTA membership Conferences
Quick Reminders Important Paper Folder Homework PTA membership Conferences Helping Hands - on the door Book Club orders Important Paper Folder - clean out nightly - check Communication Journal Homework - starting Sept.1st - newsletter will be attached sent home first day of school week - due the last day PTA membership - join and support our school Conferences - scheduling - you may request Helping Hands - take a few Book Club orders - wonderful resource benefits both your child and the classroom

13 Please write a note to your child and leave it at his/her table.

14 Thank you for coming!

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