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Welcome to Mrs. Gurian’s Class Open House

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Gurian’s Class Open House
Please Sign In

2 Mrs. Gurian’s 2007-2008 2nd Grade Class

3 Our Mission Statement The mission of Mrs. Gurian’s class of “Succeeding Gators” is to learn Math, Writing, Reading, Social Studies, and cursive handwriting. We want to learn about animals, plants, and do lots of Science Investigations. In addition, we want to learn to “lead and succeed”. We will learn everything by listening, paying attention, doing our best class work and schoolwork and… by being respectful, responsible, and safe citizens. We will do these things so that we can be smarter, be ready for third grade, and make the world a better place for everyone.

4 Class Expectations… Be Respectful! Be Res1ponsible! Be Safe
They also decided that being kind, helpful, and cooperative would make our year more successful! The children helped create the rules and agreed to abide by them.

5 Meet Mrs. Barbara Gurian
GTE (Now Verizon) – 15 years… ending with a position in middle management as a Purchasing Agent Professional Educator – 15 years Calvin Hunsinger SED Center – 3 years Curtis Fundamental School – 5 years (4th-5th grade combo class) Plumb Elementary School – 7 years 4th Grade – 2 years 1st Grade – 4 years 2nd Grade – start of my 2nd year

6 2006 – Cable Network's Leader in Learning Finalist – Pinellas County's Outstanding Educator Finalist National Board Certification 2006 – Early Childhood Education Over $70,000 in grant awards Including a $10,000 Bank of America Incubator Award to enhance our Science Shack – Outdoor Classroom CTIP – Curriculum Technology Integration Program (3 computers & a printer) School Involvement: Student Council Sponsor Plumb Players Sponsor SAC – School Advisory Committee Team Leader Literature Lane County Science Instructor

7 Meet Mrs. Gurian’s Family
Heather, Bryan, and Tyler Live in Columbia, South Carolina Both were former Army Sergeants and served in Germany and Iraq Bryan – Paramedic Heather – Civilian Army Employee Tyler Michael was born on September 16, 2005 Patrick (holding Kylie) Lives on a 10 acre farm in Brooksville Student at Pasco-Hernando JC Works at Winn-Dixie Kimberly and Kylie Live in Indianapolis, IN Pet Groomer at Petsmart Kylie Ann was born on May 4, 2005

8 Life…It’s all about family…
and… this class is all about your family…

9 It takes ALL of us working together to help your child
be the best that he or she can be! School PTA Home Community

10 Parent Teacher Association
Please join to help our students $4/person Parents Grandparents Businesses Purchase many items for the classrooms Extra-curricular activities

11 Volunteers MUST be registered – Paperwork available tonight!
Lend a helping hand Work with students in the classroom Field Trips Work at home Register your vehicle for field trips

12 Adopt-a-Class Very easy and beneficial way to help your child’s class
Donations of $150(+-) or more Paper, computer software, books for class library, projects, field trips, etc. Share the donation with several families Ask your place of business (Tax deductable)

13 Parent – Teacher Communication
Agenda or planner ($5.00 donation) Sign or initial the agenda every day. Website: Plumb’s website or Newsletters and curriculum previews , telephone calls, notes, and conferences My is Family Involvement Opportunities: Reader’s Theater, 2nd grade program, Library night

14 Conferences Conferences will be scheduled in the near future
Student-led conference Please sign up for a time that is convenient for you A confirmation note/phone call will be made prior to the conference date

15 Portfolios On-going documentation of accomplishments: student work
data from assessments & expectations goal setting writing pieces shared at Student-led conferences

16 Textbook Policy All textbooks provided by Pinellas County Schools
Math, Handwriting, Social Studies and Science workbooks are consumable Hardcover books are to be used outside of the classroom when necessary and returned in good condition Pay for any unreturned/damaged books

17 Technology Computer lab weekly Portable lab for projects.
Computers used daily in the classroom Computer lab weekly Portable lab for projects. Cassette players and LeapPads Document camera & projector

18 Class Schedule 8:20-8:50 Unpack, prepare for the day, WPNN
8:50-9:30 PE 9:30-11:00 Reading 11:00-12:00 Math 12:00-12:30 Lunch 12:35-1: Monday – Computers Thursday-Music Friday-Art *Content Area: Wed. & Friday 1:15-2: Writing 2:15-2: *Content Area * Social Studies, Science, or Health

19 Homework Although homework may be different at times, our normal nightly schedule will be:
Monday – Spelling Tuesday – Math Wednesday – Reading (Test Thursday on story) Thursday – Study Spelling (Test Friday) Students will be expected to read every day for 30 minutes. When they are capable of reading at a level 20, they will be expected to earn at least 10 Reading Counts points each month.

20 Grading Policy 100-90 E (Excellent) 89-80 V (Very Good)
S (Satisfactory) N (Needs Improvement) 59-0 U (Unsatisfactory) Please work with your child to help them correct errors on papers. This will help them review and master concepts rather than just skipping by them.

21 Report Cards & Midterm Reports
September 28, 2007 – Midterm November 30, 2007 – 1st Report Card January 11, 2008 – Midterm March 2, nd Report Card April 18, Midterm June 3, rd Report Card

22 Attendance Attendance is very important!
Students need to be present and on time daily. Send a note (separate from the agenda book) to “excuse” each absence.

23 Thank you! Thank you for all the snacks, bandaids, tissues, hand soap, and extra supplies! You’ve helped us get our year off to a wonderful start and your kindness is deeply appreciated!

24 Please do the following before you go…
1. Look through your child’s textbooks. 2. Write a note to your child and stick it to their desk. 3. Sign up for a conference time 4. Please be sure you signed in Thanks so much for coming!

25 Mrs. Gurian’s nd Grade Class

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