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Slope-Intercept and Standard Form

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1 Slope-Intercept and Standard Form
Linear Equations Slope-Intercept and Standard Form

2 Slope-Intercept Form Any linear equation can be solved for y and written like this: This form of a linear equation is called ______-_________ form.

3 Slope-Intercept Form The “m” represents the _____ of the line.
It is often convenient to write the slope as a fraction, since slope is defined as...

4 Slope-Intercept Form The “b” represents the __-__________.
(Which is where the line crosses the __-_____.) It is important to pay attention to the signs of both m and b!

5 y = 3x - 5 Can you determine the slope and the y-intercept of this equation? The slope is ___ Which we might choose to write as ___ (to make the “rise” and “run” more obvious)

6 y = 3x - 5 What about the y-intercept?
You didn’t miss the negative sign did you? We can graph this equation by first plotting the y-intercept, then plotting a second point found via the slope!

7 y = 3x - 5 Could you sketch the graph? First plot the y-intercept.
The “rise” is __. The “run” is __.

8 3x + 2y = 4 Re-write the equation in slope-intercept form.
Solve for y. Put the “x” term first on the right side of the equation. The slope is ___ and the y-int is ___.

9 y = -3/2x + 2 Now graph the linear equation.

10 Writing a Linear Equation
Suppose you were given a point on a line and a slope. Could you write the equation of the line? How could you find the y-intercept?

11 m = 2/3 and the line contains (-3,-2)
Since we know the slope and at least one value of x and y that makes the equation true, we can simply substitute and solve!

12 Writing a Linear Equation
Now we know both the slope and the y-intercept. Can you write the equation in both slope-intercept and standard form? Write the equation in slope-intercept form.

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