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The New Normal for Libraries National Perspective.

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1 The New Normal for Libraries National Perspective

2 The Bad or Good News The Bad or The Good News

3 How Libraries stack up : 2010

4 Every day…

5 Taking care of business

6 Hot spots Most public libraries provide free wireless Internet access for their users. Nearly 12,000 now offer free Wi-Fi. Thats more than Starbucks, Barnes & Noble or Borders.

7 Its in our wallets Library cards are about as prevalent as credit cards.

8 Getting technical More libraries5,400offer technology training classes than there are computer training businesses in the U.S.

9 Movie night Every day, Americans borrow 2.1 million DVDs from libraries

10 Lets meet More public libraries offer free meeting rooms than there are conference centers, auditoriums and convention facilities combined.

11 Career assistance when we need it most

12 No ticket required

13 On the move

14 The Bad News

15 Newark Dallas Queens Los Angeles Houston Seattle Fort Worth Huntsville-Madison County Birmingham New York Montclair (NJ) Illinois Cooperatives Boston Charlotte-Mecklenburg Wheaton (IL) Trenton (IL) Camden (NJ) Mount Vernon (NY) Buffalo & Erie County Charleston (SC) Natchez (MS) Evanston (IL) Milwaukee Bellingham (WA) Portland (ME) Bethlehem (PA) Columbus-Lowndes County Fairfax (VA) Indianapolis-Marion County Longview, (TX) Phoenix Washington, DC Lexington (KY) Miami-Dade

16 Good News

17 Partnerships

18 Johnson County Library KC Science, Inc Partners Kansas City Public Television Science City at Union Station Science Pioneers Pathfinder Science

19 Boston Public Library Kids with Asthma Can! Partners Bostons Childrens Museum Boston Public Library Childrens Hospital Boston Boston Public Health Commission

20 Haines Public Library The Voices Project Partner KHNS public radio

21 Free Library of Philadelphia Philadelphia Partnership for Peace Partners House of UMOJA WXPN-FM – Univ. of Pennsylvania public radio Atwater Kent Museum

22 Enoch-Pratt Free Library Virtual Supermarket Partner Baltimore Department of Health

23 Columbus Metropolitan Library Ready –to-Read Corps Partners United Way Nationwide Insurance

24 Alachua County Library Library Partnership Partners DCF Partnership for Strong Families

25 Innovations

26 Brooklyn Public Library Todays Teens Tomorrows Techies (T4) 120 Teens 8 Days A lifetime of skills

27 Johnson County Library GovFest for Entrepreneurs One stop shop connecting business with government & non-profit resources 400+ participants

28 Queens Library Queens Library HealthLink 16 Cancer Action Centers were created 4,000 people accessed Centers

29 Orange County Library System OCLS Mobile App for iPhone & iPad touch 3600 views per month

30 Cuyahoga County Public Library Renew By Text Tech savvy interactivity

31 Columbus Metropolitan Library Technical Services Turnaround Time 1.5 days turnaround Down from 3 weeks

32 Daniel Boone Regional Library Library-to-go Lockers Eds Quik Stop


34 New Normal = Old Normal = Change


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