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Abc book project Dear Pen Pal By: Bailey Nester Dear Pen Pal By: Bailey Nester.

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1 abc book project Dear Pen Pal By: Bailey Nester Dear Pen Pal By: Bailey Nester

2 A is for Adele Adele is one of Jess's best friends at Colonial Academy, she was nice to Jess when she first changed schools, and they have been great friends since.

3 B is for Becca Becca is one of the five main girls in this story, she used to be the mean, popular girl, but now she is nice.

4 c is for cassidy Cassidy is another main character, she is a girl hockey player/sports jock.

5 D IS FOR DADDY LONG LEGS Daddy long legs is one of the books that they are reading in their book club they didn't think that they would like it at first but they do once they start reading it.

6 E is for Emma She is a main character also, she is a big reader she has read almost every book out there.

7 f is for friendship The five girls in this story aren't all the best of friends, but in their book club they get to know each other and become friends.

8 G is for Gigi Gigi is a big part of this book she moves in with one of the characters changes their life's a little bit. She moved from China.

9 h is for half-moon farm Half Moon Farm is where Jess lives and gets saved by the Mother Daughter Book Club, this farm produces lots of good food and animals.

10 i is for influences The girls in this book are tempted by many influences like friends and what they should do and not do to others. Sometimes the influences work and sometimes they stay strong and refuse.

11 J is for Jess Jess is another main character she is a farm girl but is also super smart so she moved to a private school called Colonial Academy.

12 K is for Keep Writing The girls write to their pen pals and they realize that every time they write, they come to like it more.

13 L is for Letters The girls write letters to their pen pal from another book club group in Wyoming.

14 M is for Megan Megan is also a main character and her family is rich and she loves designing clothes, her grandma also just moved to come live with her.

15 N is for New Hampshire New Hampshire is where most everything takes place it is where they live, in Concord.

16 O is for only Cassidy is the only girl from her school that plays on the boys hockey team.

17 P is for Pen-Pal In this book each girl has a pen pal and they write them once a month, and if you were wondering this is the title of the book too!

18 Q is for Quick This book went really quickly. It is a fun story that is easy to read and enjoy.

19 R is for Reading This whole book is about book clubs and reading, all the girls now really enjoy reading because of the book club.

20 S is for Siblings The girls families and siblings really help them in what they do or say. They stick together and help each other through tough times. Even though it can be hard having little brothers or sisters.

21 T is for The Mother- Daughter Book Club This is the series that “Dear Pen Pal" is in. There are six books in this series and this is the fourth one.

22 U is for Uniforms This is the first year that the girls have to wear uniforms to school. They are not thrilled about this, especially Megan who is a fashion designer.

23 V is for Vogel Frederick This is the author’s name and it is important because she wrote the book and her name needs to be known to young kids everywhere.

24 W is for Winky Parker Winky Parker is Cassidy's pen pal in this book and I think Winky is good for Cassidy to talk to and she might change the way she acts.

25 X is for Extra The girls chose to do this book club as an extra activity. It is not a requirement for school. It is not homework.

26 Y is for Youth This whole book is talking about how these girls are growing up and their life as a child, everyday they face new challenges and this book talks about how they handle them.

27 Z is for Zigzaggy I would describe this book as zigzaggy because there is a lot of problems or sharp turns it seems like it is going fine and then BAM...something goes wrong.

28 Author’s Writing Style Heather Vogel Frederick has a great writing style I think. She always seeks each characters feelings and expresses them in words. I like this because then you can know how each character is feeling at different times but in the same situation. She also uses quotes from the specific book that the characters are reading and I think that is pretty cool. Especially since she goes out of her way to do it.

29 Book Theme The overall theme of this book is that you have to make the right decisions at the right time. This book taught me a few things about handling tough situations and how to recover from them. Also it shows that middle school can be hard and being a teenager gets rough too, but you just have to stay calm and think about every move that you make.

30 Conflict/Plot The main conflicts of this book were just friendships and how to keep them. Also just adjusting, some girls in this book had a hard time adjusting to life, and that can affect you. Another main conflict that the girls faced was having to deal with people they didn’t like and in the end they disliked the person or thing even more. You just have to deal with it the world isn’t going to end.

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