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The Role of Libraries in Modern Society: A National Perspective October 13, 2011.

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1 The Role of Libraries in Modern Society: A National Perspective October 13, 2011

2 What is IMLS? We are the federal voice for the nations 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums.

3 IMLS Activities Grant Programs Research, Evaluation and Statistics, Policy, and Publications National Initiatives and Partnerships

4 IMLS Budget Fiscal Year 2011 Budget: $237,383,281 –$189,065,522 for Library Services –$30,145,786 for Museum Services –$1,442,101 for Museum Grants for African American History and Culture –$1,930,132 for Policy, Research, Program Evaluation, and Statistics –$14,799,740 for Agency Administration Fiscal Year 2012: To be determined

5 Eligibility Eligible: –not-for-profit libraries and museums located in the United States, its territories and freely associated states; additional types of organizations may be eligible depending on specific program guidelines. Not eligible: –federally funded institutions, –for-profit organizations, individuals, and foreign countries and organizations. Non-eligible institutions are encouraged to apply through a partnership with an eligible institution.

6 Opportunities for Libraries Grants to States Discretionary Grant Programs –Laura Bush 21 st Century Librarian Program –National Leadership Grants –Sparks! Ignition Grants for Museum and Libraries

7 Grants to States FY 2011 LSTA Grants to States appropriation: $160,032,000 Eligible applicants: State Library Administrative Agencies in 50 states, DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau Annual formula grant based on population (minimum - $680K for states in FY10, $60K for territories, plus supplement based on population) Funds distributed per a 5-year plan that is evaluated by the states regularly

8 Grants to States – Use of Funds Statewide initiatives and services: –Libraries for blind and physically handicapped; statewide databases; interlibrary loans; literacy; continuing educations Competitive subgrants or cooperative agreements to public, academic, research, school, or special libraries

9 Laura Bush 21 st C Librarian Program Deadline: December 15 Laura Bush 21 st Century Librarian Program Categories of funding –Master's Level Programs: Educate the next generation of librarians. –Doctoral Programs : Develop faculty to educate the next generation of library professionals; develop practitioner leaders –Pre-Professional Programs: Recruit future librarians. –Research : Provide the library community with information needed to support successful recruitment and education of the next generation of librarians. –Programs to Build Institutional Capacity Develop or enhance curricula within graduate schools of library and information science. –Continuing Education Ongoing professional development –Collaborative Planning –Any category

10 National Leadership Grants Deadline: February 1 Supports planning or project implementation grants that will have national impact and generate results that can be widely adapted or replicated to advance the field Categories: Research Demonstration Advancing Digital Resources Library and Museum Collaboration

11 Sparks! Ignition Grants Deadline: February 1 Supports small investments in innovative, even risky, responses to challenges and opportunities facing museums and libraries. Broad Potential ImpactApplicants should identify a specific problem or need that is important to many libraries, archives, and/or museums, Significant InnovationThe proposed solution should be highly original and offer potential for significant advancement in the operation of libraries, archives, and/or museums.

12 Challenge: Limited funding for competitive applications Invest in Innovation (i3) Foundation registry –supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and 11 other funders Investment opportunity with pre- vetted grant portfolio Strategic response to limited Federal dollars Use with IMLS applications Crocker Art Museum

13 Online Application Resources


15 IMLS Research, Statistics, and Policy IMLS engages in research, evaluations, and data collection efforts to inform the development and implementation of policy and program initiatives. Recent projects: –Opportunity for All: How the American Public Benefits from Internet Access at U.S. Libraries –Exhibiting Public Value: Government Funding for Museums in the United States –InterConnections: The IMLS National Study on the Use of Libraries, Museums and the Internet –Public Libraries in the United States: Fiscal Year 2008 –State Library Agencies: Fiscal Year 2008

16 Draft Mission and Vision Mission The mission of IMLS is to inspire libraries and museum to advance innovation, learning and civic engagement. We provide leadership through research, policy development and grant-making. Vision A democratic society where communities and individuals thrive with broad public access to knowledge, heritage and lifelong learning.

17 Values Working for the public good Integrity Collaboration Continuous learning

18 Goals Engaging, empowering learning experiences Community anchor institutions Discovery of knowledge and cultural heritage US policies sustain access to knowledge Excellence in public management

19 Learning The American public has engaging, empowering learning experiences in libraries that prepare them to be active, creative, productive, and knowledgeable participants in their local communities and global societies

20 Key Activities Promote and support inclusive and accessible learning opportunities Support communities of practice based on research-based impactful experiences Facilitate partnerships among libraries and other learning providers Support library leaders to meet the needs of diverse communities in rapidly changing environment

21 Museums, Libraries and 21st Century Skills Museums, Libraries, and 21st Century Skills report Self-assessment Tool Community Learning Scan

22 $4M for 30 Learning Labs in libraries and museums Based on YOUmedia model in Chicago Public Library Creates empowering learning opportunities for youth Early November: First phase announcements Spring 2011: Second phase announcements MacArthur Foundation-IMLS Learning Lab partnership

23 Community U.S. museums and libraries are strong community anchors that enhance civic engagement, cultural opportunities and economic vitality.

24 Key Activities Invest in projects that strengthen libraries as core components of community infrastructure Partner with other federal agencies to leverage library resources Ensure that public /private sector leaders know value of libraries

25 Libraries and Broadband FCC asked IMLS to develop framework for digital communities With University of Washington and ICMA, produced draft Framework for Digitally Inclusive Communities -FrameworkBrief.pdf -FrameworkBrief.pdf Gathering feedback for final draft and implementation plan by early 2012

26 Public Libraries and Workforce Development Partnership with US Department of Labor The Training Administration (ETA) and IMLS are working together to highlight effective practices and encourage additional collaboration between the workforce investment system and public libraries. Project Compass - North Carolina State Library and Webjunction providing focused workforce assistance training for libraries nationally

27 Content U.S. museums and libraries practice exemplary stewardship of their collections and use the power of technology to facilitate discovery of knowledge and cultural heritage

28 Key Activities Support care and management of nations collections to sustain and expand access Develop and implement a nationwide strategy to expand public access to information, meeting and content found in museum and library collections

29 Connecting to Collections Give priority to providing safe conditions for collections Develop emergency plans Encourage private and public sector support for collections care

30 Equitable Access to Knowledge U.S. plans, policies and activities sustain and increase public access to information and ideas through libraries and museums

31 Key Activities Promote federal policies that improve access and remove barriers to information services for underserved communities Identify trends and provide consistent and reliable data on museum and library services and use Support and extend a national digital infrastructure that leverages libraries and museums as key providers of access to digital information and services

32 Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Planning for a large-scale digital public library to make information available, free of charge, to all Managed by Berkman Center at Harvard, funded by Sloan Foundation Working groups focusing on governance, content, technology, legal issues Proof of concept phase slated for completion Spring 2013 All federal partners involved – IMLS, NARA, LOC, Smithsonian Institution

33 Public Management Excellence IMLS achieves excellence in public management and performs as a model organization through strategic alignment of its resources and prioritization of programmatic activities, maximizing value for the American public

34 Key Activities Develop an exemplary mode of efficient Federal grants management Cultivate a culture of planning, evaluation and evidence-based practice to maximize the impact of public investments Promote greater transparency and accountability of IMLS operations Encourage and promote an engaged and energized IMLS workforce

35 To Learn More About IMLS Website o Grant Applicants, Reviewers, Recipients o Library Statistics o State Programs o Resources o News & Events o About Us

36 IMLS E-communications Primary Source: Free monthly e-mail update, sent to over 9,000 subscribers. Twitter: @US_IMLS UpNext Wiki: IMLS RSS Feed: IMLS Podcasts:

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