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Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences

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1 Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences
RGC Facilitating Restorative Group Conferences Lesson 6: Next Steps Minnesota Department of Corrections with the National Institute of Corrections

2 Lesson Objectives Understand the timetable for apprenticeship and facilitation Use talking circle process for reflection and planning Describe what is expected of you next in the process and identify specific steps you will take Know where to go for additional information if needed

3 Next Steps? Apprenticeship
Continuing education (examples: victim experience, cultural communities) Forms: referral, agreement, others Program procedures – cases to facilitators, reporting results, reimbursement For more help or information go to~? Other?

4 Talking Piece Helps to manage discussion
Creates space for contributions of quiet people Spreads responsibility to all participants Promotes better listening Encourages the use of silence Reinforces the principle of equality

5 Guidelines for Circle Discussion
Pass talking piece in one direction only Speak only when you have the piece Pass if you choose to No interruptions Speak respectfully Speak honestly/from the heart Listen when others are speaking Speak on the topic and as briefly as possible to make your point

6 Working Lunch: Talking Circles
Rounds: What have you personally learned from the training? Ideally, how could you start using or further use restorative group conferencing? What are 1 or 2 potential barriers to doing that, and what are some possible solutions or strategies for those barriers?

7 RGC Training Commitments
Think of making a commitment for yourself: What can you do with this knowledge, skills or insight? What 3 steps could you take toward that? Be realistic All parts are optional

8 Course Evaluation What worked best for you over these three days?
What could have been done differently to better meet your needs? What further training do you feel you still need? What else might you like to tell us about this training?

9 Closing Circle One word to describe your experience in this training

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