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Florida Department of Corrections

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1 Florida Department of Corrections
Reception, Classification, and Inmate Transfers Senate Criminal Justice Committee November 4, 2009 10/21/2009 Walter A. McNeil, Secretary We Never Walk Alone

2 More than 111,000 inmate transfers annually
The Big Picture More than 101,000 inmates. 60 major institutions More than 111,000 inmate transfers annually 10/21/2009

3 Reception & Classification

4 Reception Centers Male Reception Centers Reception and Medical Center
Central Florida Reception Center South Florida Reception Center Northwest Florida Reception Center Female Reception Centers Lowell Annex Broward Correctional Institution Lowell Annex Established in 1956 Broward C.I. Established in 1977 Reception and Medical Center Established in 1968 South Florida Reception Center Established in 1985 Central Florida Reception Center Established in 1988 North West Florida Reception Center Established in 2009 10/21/2009

5 Factors Considered for Permanent Placement
Custody Level / Housing Level Bed Space Availability Medical Needs Mental Health Needs Program Needs (education, substance abuse, etc.) Inmate Skills Proximity to Home / Family GOAL  Assign the inmate to a suitable permanent facility that has available bed space. 10/21/2009

6 Inmate Transfers 10/21/2009

7 Transfer Types Initial Classification transfers:
From Reception Center to Permanent Facility based on priority needs and available bed space Subsequent transfers may occur for the following reasons: Medical or Psychological Needs Management (Close & Protective Management, etc.) Population Adjustments Program Needs (Education, Substance Abuse Treatment, etc.) Administrative Moves Emergency Situations Good Adjustment 10/21/2009

8 Transfers In the past year, the Department transferred more than 111,000 inmates. 94% of these transfers were carried out to fulfill the priority needs of the Department and/or the inmate. 10/21/2009

9 Good Adjustment Transfers
Inmates may request a “Good Adjustment Transfer” at any time so long as they have met the following criteria: Six months to three years at their current location No disciplinary reports for last six or twelve months (6 months if less than 2 years remaining to serve, 12 months if two years or more remaining). No mandatory program refusals or removals for unsatisfactory participation. 10/21/2009

10 Good Adjustment Transfers
Inmates may request up to three facilities Inmates are not guaranteed transfer to one of their requested locations. The facility may not be able to meet the inmate’s needs (medical, mental health, programs, security, etc.) Due to the Department of Corrections’ need to manage and balance the inmate population statewide. If approved, the inmate is placed on the transfer waiting list. Inmates are scheduled for Good Adjustment transfers in order of approval. Depending on where the inmate is requesting to be transferred, there may be a waiting list. 10/21/2009

11 Good Adjustment Transfer Statistics
40% of the inmate population comes from Central Florida 35% of the inmate population comes from South Florida The majority of transfer requests are to these areas. Central Florida – only 21% of the beds are general population South Florida – only 17% of the beds are general population 10/21/2009

12 Good Adjustment Transfers
These facts mandate that transfers be based on: The needs of the Department Bed space availability The needs of the inmate It is simply not feasible for all of the inmates from Central and South Florida to be housed in institutions in those areas. 10/21/2009

13 Good Adjustment Transfers
The Department believes that maintaining family contact is important to the overall success of the inmate’s development and eventual reentry into the community. Despite the volume of inmate transfers and the complexities involved, the Department is taking steps to ensure that more inmates are housed closer to their homes and families. Reception Reentry Centers 10/21/2009

14 Comments or Questions? 10/21/2009

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