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Humans and the Environment

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1 Humans and the Environment

2 What is extinction? When a species no longer exists

3 Extinction Natural process Caused by climate changes, predators, environmental factors, and human involvement

4 Natural Resources Resources taken from the environment Renewable resources can be replaced by nature Nonrenewable resources cannot be replaced

5 Questions What is extinction? What are some causes of extinction? What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources?

6 Pollution Making the environment unclean with wastes Gases, chemicals, heat, garbage, and noise Materials that cause pollution are pollutants

7 Air pollution Caused by burning fuels and trash Industries cause such pollution Causes lung disease and acid rain

8 Water pollution Industrial wastes, sewage, and chemicals dumped into water supply

9 Soil pollution Some is caused by pollutants in the air or chemical used to control pests Burying toxic wastes can cause soil pollution as well

10 Consequences of pollution
Acid rain Endangering or extinction of animals Contamination of environment Poor air quality Disease

11 Questions How are the types of pollution different? What is pollution? What are some causes of pollution?

12 Conservation Wise use of materials and energy Recycling (reusing) materials Decreasing amounts used Using alternative forms of energy and materials

13 Questions What are some ways pollution can affect the environment? How can humans reduce pollution?

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