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Critters of the Chesapeake Bay Sponges.

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1 Critters of the Chesapeake Bay Sponges

2 Sponges Sponges are in the phylum Porifera which means “pore bearer”.
Can you see how they got that name?

3 Sponges Sponges lack true tissues, organs, a mouth and gut like those found on most multi cellular animals.

4 Sponges are simple bottom dwelling organisms that filter their food.

5 Sponges All sponges have skeletal supports that are known as spicules.
They can be calcium, silicon or a protein matrix.

6 Sponges One of the most common or obvious sponges in the bay is the Red Beard Sponge.

7 Sponges When alive, this sponge is bright orange or red.
When it dies, its skeleton is brown.

8 Sponges In higher salinity areas, Yellow Boring Sponge can often be found on oysters or other shell materials.

9 Over time, the sponges can eat away at the oyster shells.

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