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Vertebrates: Part II Reptiles & Birds.

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1 Vertebrates: Part II Reptiles & Birds

2 Reptiles Dry body covering Scales made of keratin Heart has 3 chambers
Well-developed lungs Toes have claws

3 Reptile Reproduction Amniote Egg developed Internal fertilization

4 Homeostasis Modern reptiles = ectotherms
Dinosaurs may have been endotherms

5 Special Senses Jacobson’s organ Visual range Heat-sensing pits

6 Classes of Reptiles Rhynchocephalia Testudo Squamata Crocodilia

7 Birds Body covered by feathers Endothermic Bones have air sacs
Toothless bill

8 Bird Adaptations Feet differ by lifestyle Bill based on food type
Forelimbs = wings

9 Feather Types Down Filoplumes Contour Flight

10 Homeostasis Endotherms 4-chamber heart High metabolism Rapid heartbeat

11 Other Systems Nervous: highly developed Excretory: reduced Digestive
Crop – stores food for later Gizzard – grinds food

12 Bird Reproduction System Reduced Produce Amniote Egg
Internal Fertilization

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