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Critters of the Chesapeake Bay Squid.

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1 Critters of the Chesapeake Bay Squid

2 Squid Squid are classified as mollusks. This is the same phylum which contains clams and snails.

3 Squid have unique abilities which most mollusks lack.

4 Squid They have the ability to change the color of their skin so it blends with the surroundings.

5 Squid They also have the ability to squirt “ink” and escape backwards by forcing water from a siphon near the head.

6 Squid Squid are known as agile, fast predators with good eyes and a strong beak.

7 These are the largest eyes of any animal on earth!
Squid The giant squid, Architeuthis may reach well over 50 feet and have eyes larger than dinner plates! These are the largest eyes of any animal on earth!

8 Squid The beak or jaw of a squid looks much like the beak of a bird.
This mouth is located at the base of the 10 arms.

9 Squid Anatomy

10 Squid have 10 arms, but two of them are longer for catching prey and they are known as tentacles.

11 Squid Brief squid are quite common in the inlets and estuaries of the Chesapeake Bay. The common North Atlantic squid is found in large numbers off our coast.

12 Squid Some believe that squid may be among the most abundant and underutilized fish resource in the sea.

13 Squid Not only are squid utilized as food and fishing bait by humans, but they are also being used in research because of their large nerves.

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