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Jointed-legged invertebrates

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1 Jointed-legged invertebrates
Arthropods Jointed-legged invertebrates

2 Arthropod Characteristics
Chitinous exoskeleton Paired-jointed appendages Growth with ecdysis (molting) Open circulatory system Complete digestive tract

3 Exoskeleton Major reason for success! Provides Support Protection
Prevention of dehydration Sites for muscle attachment

4 Metamorphosis Change body form from immature (larval) stages to adult forms Reduces competition between stages for Food Living space

5 Taxonomy of Arthropods
4 subphyla Trilobitomorpha (all extinct) Chelicerata Crustacea Uniramia

6 Chelicerata Horseshoe crabs Spiders Mites Ticks Scorpions

7 Crustacea Shrimp, lobsters, crayfish Fairy shrimp, brine shrimp
Water fleas Barnacles

8 Uniramia Class Diplopoda (millipedes) Class Chilopoda (centipedes)
Class Hexapoda (insects)

9 Nervous System Johnston’s organs (hearing - on antennae)
Tympanic organs (hearing – on legs or body) Compound eyes (facets – ommatidia – fused) Simple eyes (ocelli)

10 Economic Impact of Arthropods
Name one effect each major group has on mankind (good or bad). For insects, list 4 good things that they do and 4 bad things that they are responsible for.

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