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Classification and Structure

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1 Classification and Structure
Bacteria: Classification and Structure

2 What are the 6 Kingdoms? Archaebacteria Eubacteria Protists Fungi
Plants Animals

3 We are looking at the first two
Archaebacteria Eubacteria

4 Classification of Bacteria
Archaebacteria: extremists Eubacteria: Heterotrophs Photosynthetic autotrophs Chemosynthetic autotrophs

5 Archaebacteria Live in extreme locations: Oxygen-free environments
Concentrated salt-water Hot, acidic water

6 Eubacteria - Heterotrophs
Found everywhere Parasites: live off of other organisms Saprobes: live off of dead organisms or waste (recyclers)

7 Eubacteria: Photosynthetic Autotrophs
Photosynthetic: make their own food from light Cyanobacteria: blue-green, yellow, or red ponds, streams, moist areas

8 Eubacteria: Chemosynthetic Autotrophs
Get energy by breaking down inorganic substances like sulfur and nitrogen Make nitrogen in the air usable for plants {Very Important}

9 Structure of Bacteria Two parts to Bacteria Structure: Arrangement

10 Arrangement Paired: diplo Grape-like clusters: staphylo
Chains: strepto

11 Shape Rod: bacillus Spheres: coccus Spirals: spirillum

12 Examples Streptococcus: chains of spheres
Staphylospirillum: Grapelike clusters of spirals Streptobacillus: Chains of rods

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