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Brain Spinal Cord Nerves Neurons

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1 Brain Spinal Cord Nerves Neurons
Nervous System Brain Spinal Cord Nerves Neurons

2 Neurons

3 Parts of a Neuron Soma – cell body Dendrite – receive messages
Axon – send messages out Myelin – help speed up messages, made up of Schwann cells

4 Types of Neurons Sensory – incoming signals Motor - movement
Interneurons – in brain and spinal cord only (processors/relay terminals)

5 Neural Connections Synapse – space between axon of neuron A and dendrite of neuron B Neurotransmitter – chemicals that diffuse across synapse to change polarity of neuron B’s dendrite membrane

6 Central Nervous System
Brain Spinal Cord Control center, coordinates body functions

7 Peripheral Nervous System
Carry messages to and from CNS Motor and sensory neurons found here. No interneurons here!

8 Brain Cerebrum Thalamus Corpus Callosum Pituitary Gland Cerebellum
Hypothalamus Brain Stem: Pons, Midbrain, Medulla Oblongata Pituitary Gland

9 Autonomic Nervous System
Involuntary Two divisions Sympathetic – fight-or-flight responses Parasympathetic – body at rest

10 Somatic Nervous System
Cranial and spinal nerves Reflexes – automatic responses to stimuli

11 Senses Chemoreceptors – chemicals Photoreceptors – light
Mechanoreceptors – pressure, vibration

12 Chemoreceptors Taste – taste buds Sweet Salty Bitter Sour
Olfaction - smell

13 Photoreceptors Vision Retina Cones – color Rods – black & white

14 Mechanoreceptors Hearing – vibration in cochlea
Balance – semicircular canals in ears Touch – pressure, pain, heat, cold

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