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Vocabulary : Beginners World Atlas connectsdistancefeatures mapmakerpeel.

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2 Vocabulary : Beginners World Atlas connectsdistancefeatures mapmakerpeel

3 Beginners World Atlas A.Read each vocabulary word and the definition. 1.connectsconnects 2.distancedistance 3.featuresfeatures 4.mapmakermapmaker 5.peelpeel Click on each word to see the definition! B. Take a Quiz???Quiz

4 connects Meaning : brings together Sentence : The block connects with the other one.

5 distance Meaning : how far it is from one place to another Sentence : I saw the farm in the distance.

6 features Meaning : traits or characteristics Sentence : The girl has many features like her mother.

7 mapmaker Meaning : a person who makes maps Sentence : The mapmaker made a map of the city.

8 peel Meaning : pull off Sentence : The girl will peel the orange.

9 Beginners World Atlas Vocabulary Quiz DIRECTIONS: Read each question and click on the correct answer. If you get it wrong use the arrow button to go back to the question and try again. Click on the buttons to go to the next question.

10 Please _____________ the orange over the trash can. A. mapmaker B. peel C. connects D. distance NEXT QUESTION


12 Sorry, Try Again!!

13 The highway ______________ the two cities. A. mapmaker B. features C. distance D. connects NEXT QUESTION


15 Sorry, Try Again!!

16 The ______________ finished the map. A. mapmaker B. distance C. peel D. connects NEXT QUESTION


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19 The ___________ on the globe are raised. A. connects B. mapmaker C. distance D. features NEXT QUESTION


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22 The girl measures the __________ from the road to the school. A. connects B. features C. distance D. mapmaker NEXT QUESTION


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25 QUIZ COMPLETE! Take the quiz again! Im finished!

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