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LCG DER Priority Action 2014 Achievements and Progress 27 Jan. 2015 LCG DER.

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1 LCG DER Priority Action 2014 Achievements and Progress 27 Jan. 2015 LCG DER

2 Objective of this presentation is to: Highlights of last year’s achievements under the overall coordination and leadership of LCG DER; Discussion on 2015 priorities of LCG DER;

3 2014 LCG DER Priorities were based on: Reviewing previous year’s achievements as a results of coordination betwn. GoB and Development Partners; Discussion on emerging issues; Prioritizing issues on: – As per DER mandate; – Critical issues; – Indicates need for coordinated efforts betwn. GoB and DPs;

4 A. Improved humanitarian coordination at different levels A series of exercises undertaken through clusters to assess key functions of preparedness of the clusters (e.g. communication, info. mgt, coordination ) was completed and identified development areas; 523 DM Officials (PIO, DDRO and also UNOs) received training on basics of DM focusing on policy and practices on DRR, recovery and response; More than hundred implementing partners familiarized with joint needs assessment tools; IM working group to produce guidance and standards of info. mgt. system in the context of BD and to enhance cluster data and info. sharing;

5 B. Institutionalization of JNA in DDM and key policy document Established a repository of pre-crisis secondary data for better analysis of needs and resources; Utilized data/evidences from the local government in joint needs assessment and inter-cluster joint assessments (Northwest flood in 2014); Flood recovery assessment coordinated by FS cluster + ER and Shelter cluster and joint response framework plan by FS, Nutrition and WASH cluster;

6 C. Enhance earthquake preparedness Enhanced coordination of responders in Urban disaster management – e.g. DREE5 (primarily to identify gaps in emergency logistics and communications mechanisms and evaluate existing coordination cells); Developing new programme on urban DRR with relevant GoB ministries and stakeholders;

7 D. Implementation of Disaster Mgt. Act 2012 Rules on DM Committees at local and national levels and response group vetted by the Ministry of Law is in the publication process. [Other rules on Nation & Local DM Fund, Volunteer Corps, Research and Training Center, engagement of non-state actors, etc. is under review.] DMCs in 36 disaster prone districts oriented on the ‘Operationalization of SoD: DMCs Guidebook’ A review of the LDRRF ‘Good Practice’ initiated to help DM Fund establishment mechanism. Established databases of urban volunteers, Bangladesh Scouts and CPP volunteer;

8 E. Disaster risk reduction – climate change adaptation linkages DRR-CCA was in 2014 priority agenda of LCG Environment & Climate Change WG; As a results, discussion on ‘contextualizing resilience’ gained momentum, shaping DRR- CCA into a unified framework for conceptualization and practice;

9 F. Policy intervention To set a National Platform for Recovery, the first stakeholders consultation workshop on “Disaster Recovery Planning” was held on 9-10 December 2014.

10 G. Slow onset and persistent disaster Southwest waterlogging an exemplary inter LCG WG coordination mechanism: Agr. & FS + Env &CC + WRM + DER formed a task force that had concrete recommendations for GoB and DPs; few recommendations already taken forward: – a potential joint programme in southwest waterlogged area based on thorough situation analysis of the region; – coordinated response in waterlogged areas through leveraging Humanitarian Coordination Task Team (HCTT), especially in view of monsoon;

11 Few 2015 LCG DER priority areas your considerations: -Strengthening local capacity of disaster management; -Strengthening urban disaster preparedness; -Ensuring robust disaster information management; -Strengthening recovery to build back better; -Integrating cross-cutting issues such as CC/DRR/nutrition/child protection/gender in DM planning and implementation; -Develop HFA 2015 implementation strategy for BD. – ANY OTHER? Forming a GoB-DP task team to put together annual DER priority actions by end of March (?)


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