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Fitting It All In: Technology, Curriculum, and Fun! Presented by: Jill Esquivel 5th Grade Teacher Forked Island – E. Broussard Elementary.

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1 Fitting It All In: Technology, Curriculum, and Fun! Presented by: Jill Esquivel 5th Grade Teacher Forked Island – E. Broussard Elementary


3 A TRIVIA GAME 4 of these items are TRUE and 1 is FALSE. I love to cook and I am addicted to the Food Network. One of my many greats – grandfather was a merchant from the coast of France who was captured by pirates and escaped when they ship-wrecked near one of the many barrier islands along the coast of Louisiana. I can read a novel in one day. I love to learn and am currently taking culinary classes. I truly believe that educators are the most important people in the world because we make the biggest difference in the lives of our future leaders.

4 KNOW THE CURRICULUM Before you begin you need to know … What skills do your students know and which skills are your students expected to master? Are there specific sample activities you must cover, or are there recommended activities for you to follow. Follow the Louisiana Educational Technology Standards.

5 USE THE CURRICULUM The Comprehensive Curriculum includes some excellent activities. Use Activities that can be easily integrated with Technology. Integrating Technology into activities provided by the curriculum can help you cover many GLEs that may not have been covered otherwise.

6 A.Center of a flower B.Butterfly Egg C.Honeycomb BRAINBREAKBRAINBREAK

7 Region IV / Vermilion Parish Comprehensive Curriculum Database This database is a collection of sites that are correlated to the LA Comprehensive Curriculum. You can search by keyword, grade, type of resource, unit, or GLE. If you have a site that is not listed please submit it.

8 START SLOW! Begin by using technology as a teacher tool. Progress to using technology as a teaching tool. Ultimate goal: use technology as a STUDENT TOOL to achieve the goals of the curriculum.

9 Teacher Tool Use the computer to make some of your tasks as the teacher easier. Type tests, create activities and worksheets, complete lesson plans, input grades.

10 Teaching Tool Use the computer for whole group instruction. –Inspiration: Brainstorming, organizing main ideas of a lesson, creating visual representations of material covered. –United Streaming: Show videos that support the content being covered in class. –Use of a projection system works best for this.

11 Student Tool Students use the computer to complete tasks assigned by the teacher. Students use software available for their own needs: typing essays or reports, creating presentations, conducting research, creating study materials, etc.

12 A. Pen Tip B.Buzzer Button C.Top of a Space Shuttle BRAINBREAKBRAINBREAK

13 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TIPS TRAIN YOUR STUDENTS! –They must know the rules and know when it is acceptable and appropriate to be working on the computers. Find an organization system that works for you. Arrange your computers so that you can see all screens at all times. Label your computers – number, center, activity. Adding FEATHERS to your labels can be very helpful.

14 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: CHARTS POCKET CHART –Number pockets so that they can be used year after year. –Use index cards with READY printed on one end and DONE printed on the other. CENTER CHART –Keeps students organized in groups -- very visual. –Easy to change groups. –Shows rotation order. –Is helpful for substitutes. T – CHART –Use clothespins (labeled with names or numbers) to manipulate from one side to the other. example: ready/done

15 DIGITAL FOLDERS –Create a folder for the students to save their projects in. –Create folders on your computer or school server to organize your work: think of a filing cabinet. –BACK UP YOUR WORK DAILY!!!! MANILA or POCKET FOLDERS –Make a folder to turn in hardcopies of all projects. –Have a folder to hold copies of checklists, based on rubrics, easily accessible – dont make your grading criteria a secret. –Keep a folder of related extension activities for those students who finish early. CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: FOLDERS

16 MORE TIPS Make sure students know that you are grading their content first, they can add all the bells and whistles after the main content is included in the project. If it is a new activity, give a whole- group demonstration. Typed instruction may also be given. Grouping – follow what works best for you.

17 DIGITAL CAMERAS First Day Pictures Seating Chart Parental Involvement Class Newspapers Art Projects Thank You Cards Documenting Class Activities Enhancing Articles for Newspapers Scavenger Hunts Class Reporter End of Year Pictures Documenting Field Study Documenting processes Attendance Daily Graphing Illustrate Student Writing / Class Books Compare / Contrast

18 A.Microscopic Sea Creatures B.Algae C.Velcro BRAINBREAKBRAINBREAK

19 POWER POINT Make PowerPoint Interactive (pens) Biographies Electronic Books Virtual Field Trips Student Reports Daily Schedule / Daily News Teacher Presentations Illustrate Concepts (example: division) Picture Stories Vocabulary (illustrate or compose meaningful sentences)

20 OTHER FAVORITES INSPIRATION –First Day of School activities: All about Me, My Favorites, A Guessing Game –Math: Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common Factor, Prime Factorization TIME LINER –historical timelines, school year timeline, biographies, autobiographies COMMUNITY CONSTRUCTION KIT –Recreate historic communities: Native American, Medieval, Colonial, and Present-day – Create 3-D maps


22 A.Sea Sponge B.White Blood Cell C.Pollen Grain BRAINBREAKBRAINBREAK

23 Please Remember … It is not technology integration unless the STUDENTS hands are manipulating the computer.

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