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Vocabulary : Get Up and Go! always, homework, minutes, snuggle, treat.

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2 Vocabulary : Get Up and Go! always, homework, minutes, snuggle, treat

3 Get Up and Go! A.Read each vocabulary word and the definition. 1.alwaysalways 2.homeworkhomework 3.minutesminutes 4.snugglesnuggle 5.treattreat Click on each word to see the definition! B. Take a Quiz???Quiz

4 always Meaning : all the time Sentence : You must always check over your test before turning it in.

5 homework Meaning : schoolwork that is done at home Sentence : Bob did his math homework after he ate a snack.

6 minutes Meaning : units of time; 60 minutes make 1 hour Sentence : It took me ten minutes to read my book.

7 snuggle Meaning : hug and cuddle Sentence : I like to snuggle with my new puppy.

8 treat Meaning : a special gift Sentence : Dad bought me an ice cream treat for making good grades.

9 Get up and go! Vocabulary Quiz DIRECTIONS: Read each question and click on the correct answer. If you get it wrong use the arrow button to go back to the question and try again. Click on the buttons to go to the next question.

10 In winter, I like to ____________ by the fire with my teddy bear. A. treat B. homework C. snuggle D. always NEXT QUESTION


12 Sorry, Try Again!!

13 You should _______________ say Please and Thank you. A. snuggle B. minutes C. treat D. always NEXT QUESTION


15 Sorry, Try Again!!

16 It is always a ____________ to go to the movies. A. homework B. minutes C. snuggle D. treat NEXT QUESTION


18 Sorry, Try Again!!

19 Jan did her ________________ as soon as she got home from school. A. always B. minutes C. homework D. snuggle NEXT QUESTION


21 Sorry, Try Again!!

22 The teacher gave us ten __________ to finish the math test. A. minutes B. always C. snuggle D. homework NEXT QUESTION

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25 QUIZ COMPLETE! Take the quiz again! Im finished!

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