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SI U NITS OF M EASURE The Metric System Can you measure up?

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2 SI U NITS OF M EASURE The Metric System Can you measure up?

3 1789 The French Revolution of 1789 sparked the invention of a new system of measurement The French Academy of Sciences replaced customary units with the metric system. Proper name: International System of Measurement

4 W HAT IS A M ETER ? A meter is 1/10 millionth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole. Derived from the Greek word “metron” meaning: a distance. Metric Units for: Mass: g Volume: L Length: m (cm) Temperature: °C

5 SI is NOT used in the United States! We still use the customary units of measure SI is used for experiments because the results are easily : Understood Interpreted Communicated Compared Neither SI nor US customary are more accurate! US Customary units are easier to use, but SI is more universal.

6 W HAT IS THE ORDER OF THE METRIC SYSTEM ? King Henry Died by Drinking Chocolate Milk King: Kilo Henry: Hecto Died: Deca By: Base (m, L, g) Drinking: Deci Chocolate: Centi Milk: Milli

7 U NITS OF M EASUREMENT : L ENGTH US Customary System Inches Feet Yards Miles Metric Meters (cm)

8 H OW TO UNDERSTAND THE RULER : One side has inches. The other side is the metric side. The big numbers represent centimeters The smaller lines represent millimeters. How many millimeters are in a centimeter? 10 A meter? 1000 mm

9 Volume is the amount of space a substance or object occupies!

10 U NITS OF M EASUREMENT : V OLUME US Customary System Cups Pints Quarts Gallons Fluid Ounces Metric System Liters Most commonly mL cm 3 [1mL=1cm 3 ]

11 M EASURING V OLUME Regularly shaped object: Formula: V= L x W x H cm x cm x cm = cm 3

12 Liquid: use a graduated cylinder (or graduate)

13 Irregularly Shaped object: use the method of water displacement

14 U NITS OF M EASUREMENT : W EIGHT /M ASS US Customary System Ounce Pound Tons Metric Gram (g)

15 Types of Scales Used to Measure Weight

16 Mass is a measurement of how much matter is in an object. Weight is the measure of the amount of gravity pulling down on the mass of the object. Triple beam balance

17 The balance has three beams called rider beams. Each rider beam has a different mass suspended from it. These masses, called riders, can be moved left and right along the rider beams. By moving the riders, you can determine the mass of an object placed on the measurement tray. beams riders rider

18 An adjustment knob is used to calibrate the balance. When no objects are sitting on the measurement tray, and all the riders are in their leftmost or 0 position, the pointer should be lined up with the zero mark. If it is not lined up with the zero mark, you would need to turn the adjustment knob until it is. adjustment knob pointer zero mark measurement tray

19 AREA Area is the number of unit squares that can be fitted into a 2-dimensional surface Formula: A= L x W

20 DENSITY Density is the measurement of the mass of a substance per unit volume. Formula: D= mass volume (D=Mass divided by volume)

21 If it is a liquid….. g/mL If it is a solid Regularly shaped….. g/cm 3 Irregularly shaped…. g/mL

22 The density of water is 1 g/mL o If the density is > 1 g/mL: SINK o If the density is < 1 g/mL: FLOAT (ex: ice/oil)

23 U NITS OF M EASUREMENT : T EMPERATURE US Customary System ° Farenheit Metric System ° Celsius ( o C) Kelvin (K)

24 Common Modern Units for Measuring Temperature Fahrenheit Celsius

25 Temperature is the measurement of the heat of something on a scale. The basic unit of temperature in the metric system is Celsius or centigrade. Water freezes on the Celsius scale at 0° and boils at 100°. Temperature is measured with a thermometer. Thermometer Water at freezing point measured by a digital thermometer


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