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Independent Agencies Early American History and Civics.

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1 Independent Agencies Early American History and Civics

2 Goals  Identify the responsibilities of executive agencies  Identify the purpose of regulatory commissions  Compare government corporations with private corporations.

3 Independent Agencies  The executive branch can only handle a small part of its’ responsibilities.

4 Independent Agencies  Other organizations handle these responsibilities

5 Independent Agencies  Today’s government includes hundreds of independent federal agencies.

6 Independent Agencies  Three types: Executive departments Regulatory commissions Government corporations

7 Independent Agencies  An Executive agency is an independent agency responsible for dealing with specialized areas of the government.

8 Independent Agencies  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an executive agency

9 Examples  Another example includes the Central Intelligence Agency

10 Executive Agencies  Another includes the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

11 Regulatory Commissions  A regulatory commission is an independent agency that protects the public.

12 Regulatory Commissions  Each commission has executive, legislative, and judicial powers.

13 Regulatory commissions  Examples include the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)

14 Example  One other example includes the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)

15 Example  Another includes the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

16 Regulatory Commissions  The government keeps the commissions impartial.

17 Government Corporations  Similar to a private corporation, EXCEPT, the government owns and operates it.

18 Government Corporations  These corporations operate under the direction of congress BUT are given flexibility.

19 Government Corporations  Example of a government corporation is the United States Postal Service. (USPS)

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