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Important People in Louisiana History

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1 Important People in Louisiana History
Unit 3: Louisiana History 3rd Grade Photos from Wikipedia

2 A Spanish explorer who was the first to see the Mississippi River.
Hernando De Soto

3 A French explorer who named Louisiana for King Louis XIV.
Robert La Salle

4 Iberville and Bienville
French explorers who began settlements in Louisiana.

5 Thomas Jefferson The president of the United States in He bought Louisiana from France. This is known as the Louisiana Purchase.

6 Napoleon Bonaparte French ruler who sold Louisiana to the United States.

7 William C. C. Claiborne The 1st governor of the state of Louisiana

8 Henry Shreve An inventor and steamboat captain. The city of Shreveport is named after him.

9 Andrew Jackson Commander at the Battle of New Orleans.

10 Jean Lafitte A pirate who helped defeat the British in the Battle of New Orleans.

11 PBS Pinchback The 1st African-American governor of a state.

12 Huey P. Long The governor that was responsible for free education, more hospitals, and roads in Louisiana.

13 PowerPoint Created by Katonya Beaubouef  from Herod Elementary in Vermilion Parish.
Photos from Wikipedia

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