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Louisiana’s Economy Resources and Rewards.

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1 Louisiana’s Economy Resources and Rewards

2 Louisiana’s Resources
Section 3 - Vocabulary

3 Define mineral resources
Mineral resources are inorganic substances that were formed by the Earth’s geological process. They are nonrenewable resources. Define nonrenewable Nonrenewable means they can not be replaced by nature once they are taken from the environment.

4 List examples of mineral resources
Oil – plants that decayed millions of years ago create oil used today. Natural gas – is used today as a source of energy for homes and industry Salt – During the Civil War an underground salt deposit was discovered on Avery Island. Sulphur – The town of Sulphur, in Calcasieu Parish was developed around this industry. Port Sulphur, in Plaquemines Parish was also named because of the its sulphur industry. Lignite – Brownish-black coal – found in DeSoto Parish.

5 Define biological resources
Biological resources are plants and animals. They are renewable. Define renewable Renewable means they can replenish themselves over time.

6 List examples of biological resources
Forest – Trees are Louisiana’s second largest income producer. Pulpwood – smaller softer trees shredded into pulp- later made into paper Wildlife – hunting wildlife is a source of food. It is generates millions of dollars each year for the Louisiana economy Selling of furs, hunting of wild animals such as turkey, dove, or quail, etc. Fish – some people fish for fun while others make a living from fishing Shrimp, oyster, crabs, crawfish, tuna, redfish, etc.

7 Define labor unions Labor Unions are groups of workers organized to demand fair pay and safe working conditions.

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