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The Acadian Odyssey (Activity 1: GLEs: 3).

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1 The Acadian Odyssey (Activity 1: GLEs: 3)

2 Nova Scotia Map (Wikipedia)
French settlers left the Vendee Region of France to settle in Acadie (Nova Scotia) around1604. The Grand Derangement or expulsion of the Acadians occurred in 1755). Vendee (France Map) Wikipedia Nova Scotia Map (Wikipedia)

3 Vendee Region of France
Acadie (Nova Scotia) Phase 1

4 Beginning in 1755, Acadian families were separated and shipped to various destinations including seven British American colonies: Connecticut New York Pennsylvania Maryland, Massachusetts South Carolina, Georgia) Some were sent to French Caribbean (Antilles, Martinique, St. Domingue). Phase 2

5 Some phase 2 movement included Some Canadian territories including Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia), England, and France (also, the Falkland Islands and French Guiana). Canadian Areas 1754 Wikipedia Map

6 The first Acadian refugees arrived in New Orleans from New York in 1764. (See map)
The next small group of Acadians arrived from the West Indies and Maryland in Acadians began arriving in Louisiana in larger numbers from the British American colonies (i.e., Maryland and Pennsylvania) the Antilles (Caribbean), and Nova Scotia – Acadians arrived in Louisiana from France –

7 Acadian settlement locations included:
St. John St. James Parishes Attakapas region (St. Martin Parish) St. Gabriel Vidalia (old location) Natchitoches (settlers relocated to Opelousas) Bayou Lafourche

8 Early Acadian Settlement in Louisiana
Vidalia (Concordia Parish) Natchitoches Relocated to Opelousas Opelousas St. Landry Parish St. John Parish St. Gabriel St. Martin Parish (Attakapas Region) St. James Parish Bayou Lafourche

9 This map represents the area of Louisiana with the largest concentration of Acadian settlements and their living descendents. The area is often referred to as the Acadian Triangle. Acadian Triangle Alexandria Cameron Bayou Lafourche

10 Acadiana Region in Louisiana (Wikipedia Map)
The End

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