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Presented By: Jill Esquivel 5 th Grade Teacher Forked Island – E. Broussard Elementary School Vermilion Parish.

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1 Presented By: Jill Esquivel 5 th Grade Teacher Forked Island – E. Broussard Elementary School Vermilion Parish


3 A TRIVIA GAME 4 of these items are TRUE and 1 is FALSE. I am addicted to Food Network. One of my many greats – grandfather was a merchant from the coast of France who was captured by pirates and escaped when they ship-wrecked near one of the many barrier islands along the coast of Louisiana. I love to learn and am currently taking culinary classes. I love cooking. I panic if I turn on my computers in the morning and the network is not operating.

4 A.Microscopic Sea Creatures B.Algae C.Velcro

5 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT TIPS TRAIN YOUR STUDENTS! –They must know the rules and know when it is acceptable and appropriate to be working on the computers. Find an organization system that works for you. Arrange your computers so that you can see all screens, at all times. Label your computers – number, center, activity. Adding FEATHERS to your labels can be very helpful.

6 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: CHARTS POCKET CHART –Number pockets so that they can be used year after year. –Use index cards with READY printed on one end and DONE printed on the other. CENTER CHART –Keeps students organized in groups -- very visual. –Easy to change groups. –Shows rotation order. –Is helpful for substitutes. T – CHART –Use clothespins (labeled with names or numbers) to manipulate from one side to the other. –example: ready/done

7 CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT: FOLDERS DIGITAL FOLDERS –Create a folder for the students to save their projects in. MANILA or POCKET FOLDERS –Make a folder to turn in hardcopies of all projects. –Have a folder to hold copies of checklists, based on rubrics, easily accessible – dont make your grading criteria a secret. –Keep a folder of related extension activities for those students who finish early.

8 MORE TIPS Make sure students know that you are grading their content first, they can add all the bells and whistles after the main content is included in the project. Give their brains a break. If it is a new activity, give a whole-group demonstration. Typed instruction may also be given. Grouping – follow what works best for you.

9 A.Sea Sponge B.White Blood Cell C.Pollen Grain

10 Portaportal This is a free web based bookmarking site. Instead of saving your favorite websites on one computer you save the links here and you can retrieve them from any computer that has internet access. Signing up is free. This is a great way to have internet sites available on all computers.

11 This site is by Lin and Don Donn. They are two Maryland Middle School Teachers. This site has lots of lessons, links, and prepared PowerPoint presentations. All of the information on the website is free to use however usual restrictions apply.

12 Personal Educational Press This website allows you to create free worksheets, flashcards, bingo cards, etc. It contains some lists, however you may change lists to suit your needs. You cannot save the lists you add.

13 Dr. Sue LeBleus Homepage Dr. LeBleus homepage has links to information on most subject areas. The organization of her website is AWESOME!!!

14 A. Center of a flowerB. Butterfly eggC. Honeycomb

15 eThemes eThemes is part of the eMINTS website. This site gives you lists of topics or themes and has a long list of links for each topic. This is a great timesaver.

16 Glencoe Literature Library This website offers literature study guides for chapter books. Most are include background information, vocabulary, and chapter or section activities which include Before You Read Questions and Responding Questions. All are PDF files and will need the Adobe reader.

17 Jefferson County Schools This website is a collection of prepared PowerPoint presentations created by teachers. There are many review presentations as well as many templates for completing your own presentation. They are organized by grade levels and subject areas.

18 Petes PowerPoint Station This website is affiliated with It offers free PowerPoint presentations as well as links to additional information on certain topics.

19 A.Pen tipB. Buzzer button C. The top of a space shuttle

20 Region IV / Vermilion Parish Comprehensive Curriculum Database This database is a collection of sites that are correlated to the LA Comprehensive Curriculum. You can search by keyword, grade, type of resource, unit, or GLE. If you have a site that is not listed please submit it.

21 Check out my website:


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